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A length of something wound in a joined sequence of concentric rings.
  1. 'They wrapped themselves in Maliphant's movement as if it were an endless coil of cloth, one that let them melt or grapple or build precarious lifts without ever interrupting the flow of the material.'
  2. 'In his dry suit with the tool kit, hammer, stakes, and a coil of yellow nylon line, he looks like some oversized cartoon character, good or evil, Jimmy's not sure which.'
  3. 'The weighing scales took pride of place on the counter and I was keenly interested on the large coil of twine and stack of brown paper which were used to keep everyone's messages together.'
  4. 'Levitan had a heavy coil of climbing rope strapped to his green pack.'
  5. 'Her hair was black, gleaming and pulled back severely - almost ruthlessly - into a twisted coil of tight loops at the base of her neck.'
  6. 'They would have a coil of fake pearls that would be wound around their curls.'
  7. 'Dia now also oversees the mother of all earthworks, Spiral Jetty, a great coil of rocks built by Robert Smithson into the Great Salt Lake in Utah in 1970.'
  8. 'Raven talking is a rare event, and so you have to play the game wondering things like, ‘Is that thing on the floor a coil of rope or a snake?’'
  9. 'In the far corner of the room was a coil of thick rope.'
  10. 'He insisted on wearing both items all day and so I had to help him fasten the coil of whip to his belt loop because he couldn't figure out how to make it stay.'
  11. 'the snake wrapped its coils around her'
  12. 'After death, tangled loops and coils of a fibre-like material of beta-amyloid protein, can be observed in brain tissue.'
  13. 'Mike gripped the snake's coils and began to peel it from around the woman's arm.'
  14. 'He watched as the coil rose above their heads, and then he tried to pry the snake away as it began to tighten its coils around them.'
  15. 'I nipped one coil off the trigger return spring.'
  16. 'They can be corrected by surgery or by radiologic placement of coils in the dilated veins.'
  17. 'In one variant of the receiver, the coils are collinear and are wound about cores that are mounted in pairs of diametrically opposed apertures in the housing of the probe.'
  18. 'She then wrapped pieces around medium- and small-barrel curling irons to set coils.'
  19. 'Wolfus struggled to reach for his sword, and slashed off the coils with a single swipe.'
  20. 'Merely uncoil the roll of mesh so there are 3 feet or so between each coil.'
  21. 'Difficulties associated with older generation coils, such as heavy and sometimes painful periods, promise to be overcome.'
  22. 'The packs will include two condoms, a coil, lip balm, hand warmers, information on safe sex and emergency phone numbers.'
  23. 'If you have a contraceptive coil fitted, you must tell the radiographer as some have copper wire in them.'
  24. 'If pregnancy does occur while using a coil, there is a small risk of an ectopic pregnancy.'
  25. 'I was angry because, using a coil, I had made every effort to prevent a pregnancy.'
  26. 'The scenario of men and women choosing from a pick 'n' mix of pills, patches, injections, condoms and coils, catering for various lifestyles and needs, is not just a fantasy.'
  27. 'The contraceptive coil seems to increase the risk of BV.'
  28. 'The generally accepted medical practice in the use of the coil as a post-coital contraceptive device is that it may properly be introduced at any time up to the 20th day.'
  29. 'The IUD is a small, plastic and copper device that used to be known as the coil.'
  30. 'It's the sort of consignment Jan takes with her whenever she visits Romania, along with contraceptive coils and coffee.'
  31. 'a relay coil'
  32. 'Thus, the induced voltage in the coil generated by any outer magnetic field is controlled to reduce noise.'
  33. 'Short bursts of electrical current are send through a coil of wire, causing a magnetic field.'
  34. 'Electricity is produced when coils of wire inside the generator create a pulse as they move through a magnetic field, Sagrillo said.'
  35. 'These currents are induced by the rapidly changing magnetic field generated by a coil supplied with an alternating current.'
  36. 'He had learned that an inductance coil was a closed circuit with no current of its own.'
  37. 'This gear rotates coils of wire within a magnetic field inside the generator, creating electricity.'
  38. 'Changing levels of current in the wires of an electric coil wrapped around a magnetic generate fluctuations in the magnetic field.'
  39. 'The three-channel CPU voltage regulator uses original inductance coils in a casing and capacitors from OST and Nippon Chemi-Con.'
  40. 'Solenoids also supply voltage to the glow coil and are part of the electrical loop.'
  41. 'A high-density coil transforms the magnetic charge generated by the rotor into electrical energy that powers the watch.'
  42. 'When Tri-Tech won a contract to manufacture encapsulated coils for valves on buses powered by natural gas, it knew the components would require superior protection against the elements.'
  43. 'After a quick and jovial discussion about the problem he checked the spark plugs and coil.'
  44. 'Dirty filters, coils, and fans reduce airflow through the system.'
  45. 'With a lit coil around, the mosquitoes begin coughing and either stay away or soon die.'
  46. 'The first thing I had to do was photograph the interior of my bungalow before the air got hazy with the smoke from the smouldering mosquito-repellent coils.'
  47. 'They were also issued with coils containing labels instead of the postage stamps.'


Arrange (something long and flexible) in a coil.
  1. 'he coiled a lock of her hair around his finger'
  2. 'The creature bellowed a seeming laugh at the pitiful maneuver, gnashing its wicked teeth and bullying its fiery body in such a way as to corner Galafar from getting away, coiling its body all around him.'
  3. 'Unclip remaining hair, and coil into a bigger bun at base of neck.'
  4. 'Absently coiling a blonde curl around her fingers she re-examined the office she was gradually growing familiar with.'
  5. '‘It isn't,’ agreed Tony neatly coiling a guitar lead.'
  6. 'Her curly blond hair was coiled at the back of her head, held by hot pink metal pins.'
  7. 'The way in which the cell packages this genetic material is by tightly coiling it up and bundling it around proteins to form a structure called the chromosome.'
  8. 'Keep cords on appliances short by coiling them.'
  9. 'Girls would not be allowed to coil up their hair with hairpins unless they were married, if she did so her husband and parents-in-law would look down upon her because she hadn't followed the rules for women's behavior.'
  10. 'I cautioned calmly as I unstrung my bow, coiling the string.'
  11. 'The joints had to be as strong and flexible as the pipes themselves, and able to stand the stress of being coiled with the pipes onto large drums.'
  12. 'It laughs at such restraints as paving; new plants coil like a spring until they break the mortar between the bricks.'
  13. 'Storage of DNA is related to its ability to twist and coil into a compact form.'
  14. 'Smoke like incense coiled from the corner of the room from the dried bunches of herbs he had found in Mary's cold store.'
  15. 'Swaisgood's research project required that the snake comfortably slither, coil, and strike but still be tethered tightly enough that there was no chance it could escape.'
  16. 'They light the joss sticks from the yellow candles' strong steady flames and place the incense in the sand, the thin white smoke coiling up to the heavens.'
  17. 'There was also this big rat snake in the barn - I couldn't smell it, but a lot of times I'd be working in the loft, all of a sudden I'd discover that big king snake, coiling up, getting ready to strike.'
  18. 'He leaned back in his leatherback chair, and puffed out his Cuban cigar, sending the smoke coiling up to the ceiling.'
  19. 'Their sloping slate roofs peeked over Victorian chimneys almost smothered in the plumes of grey smoke which coiled ever upwards into the sky.'
  20. 'The glands are initially straight but begin to coil toward the end of this phase.'
  21. 'Then black smoke and heat coiled around him in a thick, suffocating cloud until he choked and woke to the world.'


A confusion or turmoil.
  1. 'This is part of the Great Chain of Being and will continue long after we have shuffled off this coil.'
  2. 'All of us who shuffled off the coil of tertiary study and into the colder harder reality of working for the system that educated us know the feeling.'
  3. 'From A Basement On The Hill - Elliott Smith The troubled artist left this coil in 2004, and the album he left behind is wonderful and heartbreaking all at once.'

More definitions

1. to wind into continuous, regularly spaced rings one above the other: to coil a wire around a pencil.

2. to wind on a flat surface into rings one around the other: He coiled the rope on the deck.

3. to gather (rope, wire, etc.) into loops: She coiled the garden hose and hung it on the hook. verb (used without object)

4. to form rings, spirals, etc.; gather or retract in a circular way: The snake coiled, ready to strike.

5. to move in or follow a winding

More examples(as adjective)

"products can be coil."


(coil)Mid 16th century: of unknown origin.


shuffle off this mortal coil