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The central cylindrical woody part of the maize ear to which the grains are attached.
  1. 'A cook might prepare ‘fried corn,’ by cutting the grains off of the cob and creaming them in a skillet.'
  2. 'In addition to eating corn fresh, the kernels could also be dried to form a flour for breads and cakes, and the cobs were turned into corn pipes and toys.'
  3. 'Cut the corn from the cobs and place the kernels in a large skillet.'
  4. 'Using a grater set over a bowl, grate the corn kernels off the cobs.'
  5. 'If making a soup or a sauce, extract the milky juice from the bits of kernels left on the cob by scraping the cob with the dull side of a knife.'
  6. 'Using a sharp knife, cut the husks off the corn cob.'
  7. 'Under the elevated train line along Roosevelt Avenue, cardboard turkeys and dried corncobs decorate storefront windows.'
  8. 'I have since found the answer - as the ‘silks’ begin to form on the cobs.'
  9. 'Some sit on thin pedestals or dangle from the tips of twigs; others perch directly on branches, lined up like kernels on a corncob.'
  10. 'Hardwood bark mulch (oak or pine), rotted sawdust, and chopped corncobs are good mulches.'
A round loaf of bread.
  1. 'This is a sort of British chowder, which is lovely eaten with a crusty cob, heavily spread with British butter.'
A hazelnut or filbert.
  1. 'Dry floral scents are boosted by tangy citrus aromas that deliver fresh lemon tinged flavours with just a hint of cobnut on the finish.'
  2. 'At this time of the year fresh juicy walnuts and cobnuts are available.'
A powerfully built, short-legged horse.
  1. 'The head groom lent him a large, strong, dappled grey cob named Trojan.'
  2. 'The judge said: ‘This is a superb cob and a worthy champion.’'
  3. 'He owns a pair of cobs which pull the Romany caravan he built himself, and when the mood takes him they take to the road.'
A male swan.
  1. 'There are ducks and cranes, and every few miles a cob and pen circle as only swans can in their own territory.'
  2. 'The founding member of the organisation said a male cob was mowed down as it crossed the road.'
  3. 'The male swan, or cob was unable to free itself for three days after a fishing hook became embedded in its leg and the fishing line got wrapped around it.'
A roundish lump of coal.

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      1. a corncob.

      2. a male swan.

      3. a short-legged, thick-set horse, often having a high gait and frequently used for driving.

      4. British. a mixture of clay and straw, used as a building material.

      5. British Dialect. a rounded mass or lump.

      6. a crude silver or gold Spanish-American coin of the 16th to 18th centuries, characteristically irregular in shape and bearing only a partial impression of the dies from which it was struck.

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      "fragments can be cob."


      Late Middle English (denoting a strong man or leader): of unknown origin. The underlying general sense appears to be ‘rounded, sturdy’.