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Friendly and sociable with fellow members of a group but not with outsiders.
  1. 'To his supporters, he is a truth teller, a policy innovator who is liberated enough from the department's clubby confines to speak his mind, even at the risk of upsetting diplomatic strategies.'
  2. 'This deal will confirm the perception that Senators are clubby, timid, and self-congratulatory.'
  3. 'We hear a lot today about the brave new world of globalisation and the information revolution sweeping away the old boys network and the clubby hierarchies of yesteryear.'
  4. 'No, not a loner, it's just that I'm not a very clubby person.'
  5. 'It has wide open public areas that women tend to prefer instead of closed lounges where men are being clubby.'
  6. 'He in many ways personifies that country's clubby business elite.'
  7. 'By the time we had reached the halfway point, our carriage had taken on a positive, clubby atmosphere.'
  8. 'A provincial man, he perceived more clearly than most that his clubby colleagues in London needed to expand their horizons and broaden their base.'
  9. 'This was often through a clubby system where friends on board committees would champion a high salary for the chief executive.'
  10. 'I know that it's too much to ask that this clubby little world be exposed, but we have to try.'


1. characteristic of a club: The room had a warm, clubby atmosphere.

2. very friendly; intimate; chummy: He became clubby with the bartender, who slipped him many free drinks.

3. socially exclusive; cliquish: Their group is very clubby and unfriendly.

4. inclined to join clubs.

More examples(as adjective)

"markets can be clubby."

"senates can be clubby."

"brands can be clubby."

"atmospheres can be clubby."