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A flexible or spring-loaded device for holding an object or objects together or in place.
  1. 'a gilt clip fastened her hair'
  2. 'Brodde proffers me a few tenuous looking evergreen straps with a metal clip attached to them.'
  3. 'Small clusters are held together by clips and joined in bunches.'
  4. 'Seven of eight clips holding the panel in position had also become displaced.'
  5. 'Portable and lightweight with a spring-loaded clip and swivel head which turns in two directions, the Dorcy Clip Light has a multitude of uses.'
  6. 'He handed me several sheets of paper, loosely held together by a paper clip.'
  7. 'The clips, bonded together in rows of 50, like gun nails, prevent tangling and make installation fast and productive.'
  8. 'The pocket clip is reversible, spring loaded and adjustable for tension.'
  9. 'I threw one cloak over my shoulders and fastened the clip when I heard Kyla scream from the back room.'
  10. 'Astor nodded to the security guard as he moved deeper into the building, attaching his identity card to his lapel with a metal clip.'
  11. 'Special metal plywood clips will add stability to the splices where the sheets meet between rafters.'
  12. 'Placing diamanté clips and delicate barrettes add a sassy touch of glamour to hairstyles for the holiday.'
  13. 'Her hair was done up with curls and two clips on either side of her head.'
  14. 'Her long black tresses were tied up in a bun, a couple of rhinestone clips holding back her bangs.'
  15. 'I yelled back as Julie put the last hair clip in my hair.'
  16. 'Use the jeweled butterfly clip to hold the twisted strand in place.'
  17. 'I winced as they pulled and shaped, until my long curls were pulled into a low ponytail and a diamanté clip was attached.'
  18. 'The entry for the Virtuosi included a necklace, a bracelet and a hair clip made of 21 carat yellow gold that had a spiral design resembling the sun.'
  19. 'Live roses had been picked from the garden and were entwined in the pattern, along with jewelled clips and silk ribbons.'
  20. 'I had curled my naturally straight hair and pulled a few pieces back with a clip.'
  21. 'She put on her mascara, some lip gloss and clipped a butterfly clip in her hair.'
  22. 'he drew two fifties from his golden clip'
  23. 'Somehow we were under the impression that money clips were old hat, replaced by wallets and purses.'
A metal holder containing cartridges for an automatic firearm.
  1. 'He deactivated the beam cutlass and slid full clips into his pistols.'
  2. 'The bullets went in his BDU pants, and the empty clip rested in a pouch.'
  3. 'He looked at the gun in his hand before emptying the clip of bullets and dropping the weapon on the ground.'
  4. 'We used fourteen magazines for the automatics and twelve clips for the sawn-offs.'
  5. 'The General hurried to his bag and returned with a Magnum handgun and several clips attached to his belt.'
  6. 'He looked nervous as he placed a new clip into his automatic weapon.'
  7. 'The other two were standing back, emptying machine gun clips at his chest.'
  8. 'Winners use guns with rimless cartridges in moon clips, which reload faster than any speedloader.'
  9. 'As Meliana emptied her clip into the last cannon's power core she was rewarded by an explosion that threw her back into the others.'
  10. 'Magazine sizes vary from a few shots to up to 99 rounds, with the AI providing automatic reloads whenever a clip is expended.'


Fasten or be fastened with a clip or clips.
  1. no object 'the panels simply clip on to the framework'
  2. 'He clipped his belt to the guy in front and Leslie clipped himself to Hank.'
  3. 'He was wearing a safety harness, but it was unlikely that he had clipped it to a hook inside the window frame, Bradford Coroner's Court heard.'
  4. 'He also had light gray hair and was wearing a white over jacket with pens clipped to the right pocket on it.'
  5. 'The overhangs have hooks that washers can clip to as they clean.'
  6. 'The stylus is cleverly clipped into the right side so that it doesn't fall out easily.'
  7. 'She slid a plastic clipboard across the counter and clipped a pen to the side.'
  8. 'The hooks clip onto the roof rack and the cords simply slide in, are pulled to the exact length and then locked in place.'
  9. 'For instance, most people have identification badges which they wear around their neck or clip to their clothing.'
  10. 'Nylon loops for clipping extra carabiners and attaching equipment like quickdraws and hexes. - W.Y.'
  11. 'Only if it clips around my waist, I felt like saying.'


Cut short or trim (hair, vegetation, etc.) with shears or scissors.
  1. 'A good time to clip a holly hedge into shape is in the early spring (it can also be lightly clipped in late summer), just before the new season's growth emerges.'
  2. 'The magnolias are clipped into pyramids and underplanted with topiary balls that will eventually meld into each other to create a cloud hedge.'
  3. 'All subjects were required to remove their jewelry and clip their fingernails to less than a 1-mm free edge.'
  4. 'So great was the attention to detail that gardeners at Kimber clipped hedges with nail scissors.'
  5. 'All participants will be happy to know that the hedges have been clipped and the potholes are filled all ready for a great evening out.'
  6. 'Some of them have big beards and long hair, whilst others clip their hair short or shave the head, merely allowing a tuft to remain on the crown as a sign that they are Christians.'
  7. 'This will make clipping the edges much less of a chore for the rest of the season.'
  8. 'The statues and trees looked tiny from up high, as did the hedges that had been clipped into elaborate shapes by the skilled gardeners, into birds and animals.'
  9. 'Herbs, such as germander and santolina, can be clipped into low hedges to create a knot garden.'
  10. 'With just the push of a safety button and press of a trigger, the dual blades clip the grass instantly.'
  11. 'we explain how to clip your horse'
  12. 'He combed and clipped his animals, making not-quite-perfect animals look perfect.'
  13. 'If possible, bathe and clip your horse the day before you need to leave.'
  14. 'He said the vet had concluded that the dog had not been clipped for six months, and the coat had been severely matted.'
  15. 'Often they will visit your home, bathe and clip the animal for you and show you how to effectively groom the cat yourself to avoid recurrent problems.'
  16. 'Philip clipped off another piece of wire'
  17. 'Geraldine finished third in Paris in yet another personal best of 4.02.08, clipping a second off her PB in Brussels, which only saw her finish in sixth place.'
  18. 'And Jenny Addison was pushed all the way to clip one second off the previous record - the margin by which she beat Rossendale's Katie Ireland.'
  19. 'They climb on leaf blades and clip them off, causing the blades to fall unconsumed to the ground.'
  20. 'Dr Roger Bannister clipped a second off the world record in a legendary 1954 race in Oxford.'
  21. 'A commercial Christmas tree starts out like any other conifer, but the tips of both its leader and lateral branches are clipped off.'
  22. 'When this new growth reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet, clip the tip off, this will force it to start putting on lateral branches.'
  23. 'a photograph clipped from a magazine'
  24. 'You can add pieces by hitting the ‘add’ button, and you can clip sections, links, forms, or pages.'
  25. 'When she could no longer write newsy notes to a long list of friends, she clipped photos out of the Montrose newspaper and sorted them into envelopes for Paul to mail.'
  26. 'I have a team of volunteers who clip the newspaper articles for any case, anywhere, in any police station, in any hospital.'
  27. 'Like all good teachers, he was fond of real world examples; he would often clip newspaper articles and bring them to class.'
  28. 'Collect and clip photographs of kitchens or bathrooms that appeal to you.'
  29. 'The picture of Celly that he pulled out was old and grainy, but it helped to focus him, and always had ever since he had clipped it from a newspaper years ago.'
  30. 'I clipped the newspaper article along with the letter.'
  31. 'I was nine when she died clipping coupons at the kitchen table on a sweltering day.'
  32. 'they clipped the edges of gold coins and melted the clippings down'
  33. 'And much as the Roman Empire had clipped their coins to create more money, the Fed was already undermining the gold standard.'
  34. 'Counterfeiting or clipping the coinage was regarded as a heinous crime.'
  35. 'The guard clipped the tickets, smiled and waved them through quickly.'
  36. '‘Enjoy your film,’ the attendants say nowadays, as they clip your ticket.'
  37. 'once the video image is captured, it can be panned, clipped, and zoomed'
  38. 'If the graphic is too large for the page it will be clipped, something you almost never want.'
  39. 'once the amplifier has boosted the signal it is clipped to provide a digital pulse'
  40. 'If the signal is clipped by the amplifier, unacceptable spectral leakage to the adjacent channels will occur.'
Strike smartly or with a glancing blow.
  1. 'he'll clip your ear'
  2. 'A woman suffered neck and back injuries after her car was clipped by a white Ford Escort van outside the Blundell Arms pub in Chorley Old Road, Bolton.'
  3. 'The warplane clipped the tops of trees lining the airfield before scraping the ground and slicing the nose off a large transport aircraft.'
  4. 'From the corner, Martin Neil clipped the crossbar with a rising shot from the edge of the box.'
  5. 'Her vehicle was clipped by an overtaking car and flipped upside down.'
  6. 'I rubbed my head where it had clipped the side of the table, feeling completely dazed and confused.'
  7. 'People are more fearful about shouting at people, telling them to do a job properly, clipping them round the ear.'
  8. 'He had clipped another car and driven off in panic.'
  9. 'When he got to the middle of the road he was clipped by the car and flicked up into the air.'
  10. 'He was also one-and-a-half times over the drink drive limit and while driving he clipped a kerb and rolled the car, which skidded into roadside railings.'
  11. 'As he did the drop the wings of his aircraft clipped the tops of trees surrounding the homestead and the plane crashed headlong into the ground.'
Swindle or rob.
    Move quickly.
    1. 'She clipped down the road about 10 miles over the speed limit.'
    2. 'For nearly half an hour we clipped along at a good pace chatting and enjoying the fine scenery.'


    An act of clipping or trimming something.
    1. 'My Cocker spaniel needs a good clip for summer.'
    2. 'a local agent will arrange for the clip to be sold at auction'
    3. 'Of the Australian clip, 37 per cent is sold into the Chinese market.'
    4. 'The firm handles both sheep and cattle, at one time he had over 120,000 sheep and a clip of 80,000 pounds of wood was taken annually.'
    5. 'More than 50 percent of the national clip will pass through their hands.'
    A short sequence taken from a film or broadcast.
    1. 'a film clip'
    2. 'The documentary is around 30 minutes long, and is a rambling look at the making of the film, with interviews, film clips, and behind the scenes footage.'
    3. 'The work creates a montage from hundreds of short clips from well-known Hollywood films.'
    4. 'QuickTime is a versatile media player that allows you to watch movie clips, streamed media files and in its full version, edit and create your own videos.'
    5. 'I've seen her in interviews and I've seen clips of that film.'
    6. 'Maybe my memory was playing tricks on me - maybe I had seen so many clips from the film and knockoffs that I assumed I'd seen it in my youth.'
    7. 'The last extra is a trivia game, which rewards good answers with brief clips from the film.'
    8. 'The only other extras of note here are a pair of Movietone Newsreels, which show clips from the film's New York and World Premieres.'
    9. 'More than 500,000 people watched the Dublin city centre parade last year, while TV news clips showed the festival in more than 30 countries.'
    10. 'Aside from 90 seconds of behind-the-scenes clips from the film, there is nothing of any value here.'
    11. 'What your vitriolic, unsigned, attack failed to illuminate were the facts behind Connolly's reported refusal to allow clips of his performances to be used in the BBC programme.'
    12. 'A number of short film clips, featurettes and a documentary are located on Disc Two.'
    A smart or glancing blow.
    1. 'He kept law and order by giving the pilferer a clip round the ear.'
    2. 'They keep me grounded, and if I ever get a bit big headed, I'm not too big for a clip round the ear!'
    3. 'Not so long ago minor misdemeanours were dealt with by a short, sharp, shock like a clip round the ear.'
    A specified speed or rate of movement, especially when rapid.
    1. 'Don't be surprised that things start moving at a rapid clip right from the start.'
    2. 'As companies move at a rapid clip, employees are seeing the scope of their positions expand to keep pace.'
    3. 'The price of the American home in the third quarter rose almost 10 percent at the fastest clip in 23 years.'
    4. 'Moreover, the backlog of unfilled orders, after shrinking for three years, is growing again at a rapid clip.'
    5. 'In recent times, however, voices have grown in the investment community that the Chinese economy would be heating at a faster clip than previously thought.'
    6. 'He walked ahead at a fast clip, still trying to get his heart to slow down.'
    7. 'This was because of fears of inflation rising at a fast clip.'
    8. 'That wouldn't be practical or even appealing for a broadcast station that has to move their newscasts along at a faster clip and does not have the time or resources.'
    9. 'After this project, work began to flow at a fast clip.'
    10. 'The flick has been receiving raves stateside, and the soundtrack has sold at an impressive clip so cross your fingers and hope that it turns up here in the not to distant future at one of our art houses.'

    More definitions

    1. to cut, or cut off or out, as with shears: to clip a rose from a bush.

    2. to trim by cutting: to clip a hedge.

    3. to cut or trim the hair or fleece of; shear: to clip a poodle.

    4. to pare the edge of (a coin).Compare sweat (def 22).

    5. to cut short; curtail: We clipped our visit by a week to return home earlier.

    6. to pronounce rapidly, with precise articulation and with omission of certain sounds, as of un

    More examples(as adjective)

    "mid-springs can be clip."


    (clip)Middle English: from Old Norse klippa, probably imitative.


    at a clip
    clip the wings of