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Hold on tightly to.
  1. 'we sat on the sofa clinging on to one another'
  2. 'Call me paranoid, but I've been clinging on tightly to my handbags ever since.'
  3. 'Lidiah's hand caught onto something and she clung on tight whilst squeezing her eyes shut.'
  4. 'Peterhead clings to its harbour like a man overboard grips a lifebuoy.'
  5. 'Don't think of how tightly Lee clings to his power, that is not the real worry.'
  6. 'She clung on like a leech, her fingers tightly gripping his shoulders, and Ben could clearly hear her heart beating as well as his own.'
  7. 'It was freezing, and Miel clung on to his hand so tightly, he thought it'd break.'
  8. 'He wished upon a star, clung to his dream, and in the end it happened: he was asked to join the Rolling Stones.'
  9. 'Five years on, she was driven out of the office that she had clung to.'
  10. 'Instead, she grabs my hand, interlinking her fingers with mine and clinging on so tightly that I can feel the pulse in her cool fingertips.'
  11. 'Suddenly, Nimue put her arms around her and clung to her tightly as if she never wanted to let her go.'
  12. 'the smell of smoke clung to their clothes'
  13. 'She was wearing a teal green dress, sleeveless, and cut in a deep ‘V’ at the bustline, made of a fabric that clung tightly to her body.'
  14. 'Like all other Indian restaurants I've been to, its interior decor clings closely to Indian culture.'
  15. 'Every couple of kilometres we passed hill villages, closely packed mazes of flat-roofed mud buildings clinging like beehives to the steep valley walls.'
  16. 'Her hair clung to her face as she stood on her balcony watching the rain fall around her.'
  17. 'Waters of affliction cannot quench love - it only grows stronger and clings more firmly to its object.'
  18. 'Standing in front of me, dark hair wet and clinging, clothes completely saturated, he was breathing hard, looking incredulous.'
  19. 'She continued walking, ignoring her hair plastered to her face, the way her clothes clung uncomfortably to her body.'
  20. 'In that case, they would have to go back outside; he was cold and the fat snowflakes were clinging damply to his clothes and hair.'
  21. 'Silk and artificial fabrics can cling, restricting airflow and causing you to sweat more.'
  22. 'A couple gave him an odd look at the sagging clothes that clung desperately to his drenched body.'
  23. 'the fish cling to the line of the weed'
  24. 'Aurora clung even closer to Nathan after the encounter with Sylvia, and Ella's eyes seemed to smolder with jealousy.'
  25. 'Also trembling, she clung closer to what I guessed was her older brother.'
  26. 'His fists clenched tighter than they ever had, his arms clung close to his stomach in agony.'
  27. 'He noticed that since the tournament, the blond woman clung even closer to her lover.'
  28. 'In short, the minnow's biological proficiency does little to foster its survival in the modified world to which this fish desperately clings.'
  29. 'And to warm themselves, the women cling close together under Mrs Charmond's furs until she feels strong enough to get to her feet.'
  30. 'I began to see clearly how depression had clung close to the outer edges of my life for many years.'
  31. 'Marta clung close to Dan's side when not required to be elsewhere.'
  32. 'she clung resolutely to her convictions'
  33. 'We cling as close as possible to normal American rituals.'
  34. 'Too many cling stubbornly to the notion that mental illness is a ‘White thing’ that just doesn't happen to them.'
  35. 'Australian record companies appear to cling stubbornly to traditional business models.'
  36. 'Those who remain cling tenaciously to what their forebears laid down, but retreat into the shade.'
  37. 'And until very recently, she had clung firmly to that view.'
  38. 'Their managers clung stubbornly to the narrow definition of their enterprise: they were in the railroad business.'
  39. 'Yet despite all these obvious hardships, I have strived to remain resilient and I still cling fervently to the hope that one day my country shall rise again.'
  40. 'He still clings stubbornly to his belief in the omnipotence of science and the grandeur of human ambition.'
  41. 'He raised his eyes to the heavens, clinging desperately to the only remaining physical reminder of his past life.'
  42. 'If they have to cope with the loss of their friends, teachers and even parents, they will cling physically and emotionally to the remaining adults and carers in their lives.'
  43. '‘I missed you too, but don't cling child,’ advised her grandma, ‘who's your friend?’'
  44. 'She must cling still closer to him, echo faithfully his individuality, lose herself in him.'


A clingstone peach.
  1. 'It's more your baby potatoes, peas, cling peaches etc.'
  2. 'Edith, a shopping cart, a can of cling peaches in heavy syrup, and a stranger's car don't mix.'

More definitions

1. to adhere closely; stick to: The wet paper clings to the glass.

2. to hold tight, as by grasping or embracing; cleave: The children clung to each other in the dark.

3. to be or remain close: The child clung to her mother's side.

4. to remain attached, as to an idea, hope, memory, etc.: Despite the predictions, the candidate clung to the belief that he would be elected.

5. to cohere. noun

6. the act of clinging; adherence; atta

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be cling to people."

"jackets can be cling to people."

"houses can be cling to patches."

"people can be cling."

"people/places/organizations can be cling."

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(cling)Old English clingan ‘stick together’, of Germanic origin; related to Middle Dutch klingen ‘adhere’, Middle High German klingen ‘climb’, also to clench.