Adjective "clean" definition and examples

Definitions and examples


Free from dirt, marks, or stains.
  1. 'keep the wound clean'
  2. 'Be sure the bottom of the tub is clean and free of any soap residue.'
  3. 'There was dirt under the usually clean fingernails.'
  4. 'The water ran down her face and left a clean streak through the dirt and grime on her.'
  5. 'The architecture sometimes feels a bit stark and soulless, but it's clean and dust free.'
  6. 'And every room was spotlessly clean, without odour or any sort of smell.'
  7. 'The stick will come out perfectly clean if the cake is cooked.'
  8. 'Strain through clean, sterile muslin cloth and then drip through coffee filter paper.'
  9. 'Wrap the burned area with a dry, sterile dressing or a clean cloth.'
  10. 'The town centre is so clean, free of traffic, filled with hanging baskets.'
  11. 'Blot the stain with a clean cloth, and then pour enough club soda on the stain to saturate the fabric.'
  12. 'Will kicked off his boots and changed to something clean and washed his face.'
  13. 'The 18th-century mind preferred homely dirt and the occasional clean shirt to the terrors of cold water or the deep ocean.'
  14. 'When I replace the clean cutlery after washing up, there's always some already there to give me clues about where stuff lives.'
  15. 'I thought I'd keep it on while I ate thereby saving myself some time before work - time which is usually spent putting on a clean top/blouse.'
  16. 'You take the clean clothes, the soft-soled shoes and the paper with the details of the interview.'
  17. 'Drain the parsley, wrap in a clean tea towel and gently squeeze dry.'
  18. 'She took out her clean uniform, washed and pressed, and packed it in her grey backpack.'
  19. 'They sat on the edge of the low shelf which served as a bench, scrubbed and washed and dressed in clean tunics.'
  20. 'She opened a drawer of the vanity, finding inside clean rags to wash her face with.'
  21. 'The biggest thing that we do differently is that we don't start from a totally clean sheet of paper.'
  22. 'When he wiped his hand on a clean piece of paper, the image of Africa that appeared inspired his publisher to turn the hand into a series of lithographs.'
  23. 'I took out a clean piece of paper and a black pen.'
  24. 'A wastebasket sat next to a stack of clean paper on the floor.'
  25. 'A small printer nearest her computer began to absorb some of the clean white paper.'
  26. 'I stared at the notebook that was opened to a clean white sheet of paper on my pillow.'
  27. 'Then he fumbled for a clean piece of paper and began his record - first a list of species, then a tally of their numbers.'
  28. 'While I was re-writing it onto a clean piece of paper my dad came barging into my room.'
  29. 'Shoving books onto the floor, I finally found a clean piece of paper and a sharpened pencil.'
  30. 'by nature he was clean and neat'
  31. 'One of the men, relatively clean and civilized, approached us.'
  32. 'Our girls are clean and healthy.'
  33. 'Henry was fastidiously clean by the standards of the time.'
  34. 'By these means, the virtuous mother could mold an unspoiled, respectful, neat, and clean child.'
  35. 'This mingling of polluted and clean air is particularly evident from January to April of each year during the winter monsoon.'
  36. 'Despite being labelled as a fast growing city, the average man on the street expects that the city would be clean and free from pollution.'
  37. 'A worker who operates in a clean, safe and pollution-free atmosphere will certainly be happy.'
  38. 'I hit the earth with a dull thud, and for a while I just lay there, savoring the feel of real, clean dirt.'
  39. 'Clean air, quiet streets and the rosy climate are good for children.'
  40. 'In the marketplace, who would think to ask whether these fish came from a clean or a polluted river like this one?'
  41. 'Thanks to its quiet roads, clean air and cheap housing, it is now claiming to be the fastest growing town in Europe.'
  42. 'Adequate quantities of relatively clean water are preferable to small amounts of high quality water.'
  43. 'Now fish can be found in the relatively clean water.'
  44. 'Let us wish for a beautiful and clean earth without pollution in the future.'
  45. 'Here, we have peace and quiet, still nights, and clean air.'
  46. 'If you do get fresh concrete on your skin, wash it off with clean water.'
  47. 'I'm amazed at how much energy clean eating gives me'
  48. 'Washboard abs come only with adequate resistance training, a clean diet and plenty of cardio.'
  49. 'The book introduces an alternative vision of a farm system that preserves the land, protects communities, benefits small farmers, and produces clean food.'
  50. 'I figure if you can eat two healthy, clean meals a day and not feel guilty about moderately indulging on the third meal, you're doing pretty well.'
  51. 'With clean eating and hard work in the gym, my physique changed quickly.'
  52. 'I decided to lose that extra 15–25 pounds by eating a clean diet, doing consistent cardio training, and going heavier with the weights.'
  53. 'the forester and the sawyer reject timber that is not straight and clean'
Morally uncontaminated; pure; innocent.
  1. 'The people of the island were clothed in plain linen with a few pockets, and white dresses that looked innocent and clean.'
  2. 'Our center will provide a way for them to learn the art of clean, wholesome living and social responsibility.'
  3. '‘I strongly reject the implicit suggestion that their party is morally clean,’ he said.'
  4. 'We need to be morally upright, like chaste virgins before God, pure and clean.'
  5. 'But this must be done in sincerity, with the desire to be spiritually clean and pure.'
  6. 'She looked so innocent, so clean that it was impossible to believe this creature evil.'
  7. 'Pain and regret cannot scrub me clean, no matter how much I wish it.'
  8. 'It is by self discipline and clean moral life that man can unveil the divine qualities in his personality.'
  9. 'it's all good clean fun'
  10. 'It was all good clean fun and a day many of the little people will cherish long after their Santa days.'
  11. 'For good clean family fun, you just can't top it.'
  12. 'It's good clean fun for the kids and well worth a rental.'
  13. 'a clean driving licence is essential for the job'
  14. 'With a clean credit record once again, I hope you will be able to arrange a loan.'
  15. 'In the interview, the guy never even asked to see my driver's license, or if I had a clean record.'
  16. 'For those who still might think I'm a serial killer or guilty of other crimes, here is the proof I have a clean record.'
  17. 'I really need a clean credit record because I will be moving house again shortly.'
  18. 'He also has a full clean driver's licence with no endorsements.'
  19. 'All successful applicants were police-checked and have a clean record.'
  20. 'She noted that the young man was unemployed and had a clean record.'
  21. 'But I've heard that I should check my credit report to make sure my record is clean.'
  22. 'They should also have a clean record with regard to offences such as murder, rape, robbery, fraud, arson and kidnapping.'
  23. 'He was known to Dutch police but had a clean record there.'
  24. 'There are a number of them who are pure and clean, and are keen to keep the pride of being a police officer.'
  25. 'Put the same young officer in a clean station, and there's a very good chance he'll turn out to be an honest cop.'
  26. 'He has a relatively clean image, but there are concerns about his policies toward China and whether he can find enough capable people for his cabinet.'
  27. 'I would also like to thank the associations for fighting a clean campaign in this constituency.'
  28. 'We mostly adopted trade sales to maximize revenues, and they were generally clean, despite occasional slip ups.'
  29. 'Market economics and the rule of law demand clean government.'
  30. 'True to the formalities of leadership races, all the candidates stated they want a clean fight.'
  31. 'But his wife sent back the fish to avoid rumours, and she wrote advising him to be an honest and clean official.'
  32. 'Both parties walk away with a clean reputation and no animus toward the other.'
  33. 'However, he still believes that corruption can be curbed by setting up a clean system and strict rules.'
  34. 'I searched him and his luggage, and he was clean'
  35. 'I had been here for only a fortnight and clean for three weeks'
  36. 'This article is to tell clean people that they should avoid involvement with drugs.'
  37. 'Although I have been clean for seven years now, the craving still remains.'
  38. 'And for the first six months I was clean, but then we kept saying yes to more gigs, I started drinking too much and taking a bit of charlie, to get through it.'
  39. 'Nearly 78 per cent of the respondents claimed that they were not smokers, not on alcohol or drugs - a clean set.'
  40. 'I've made amends to my family; I bring them a lot of joy because I'm clean and I brought them sadness during my using.'
  41. 'Smith said the substance can be used to make drug tests come up clean and that he was taking it to his cousin.'
  42. 'I'm going to meetings every day and learning that when I'm clean, I'm a winner.'
  43. 'Say the parents are clean and at least one of them is employed, but the couple still can't find affordable housing.'
  44. 'Once someone seeks help they need constant care until they are clean - and this must come with tolerance.'
  45. 'I was clean for eight long years, before falling off last year while in Germany.'
Free from irregularities; having a smooth edge or surface.
  1. 'Once you have the base removed use a smooth bastard file to make the edges nice and clean and free of burrs.'
  2. 'There's a fracture on the elbow area, and it appears that it's a clean fracture, so it looks like it will heal.'
  3. 'On the left is the smooth, clean surface of the new dam that has turned part of the Colorado River into a lake.'
  4. 'Such a clean penetration could have been caused only by a high speed projectile, such as rifle bullet.'
  5. 'Some of the breakdown showed very clean fracture surfaces, looking very fresh.'
  6. 'In addition, they create a clean edge to a planting scheme and disguise the unsightly lower section of many herbaceous perennials.'
  7. 'Scissors should cut smooth and clean, right where you aim them.'
  8. 'The patented coring tine cuts clean cores at the surface and shatters the soil below.'
  9. 'The clean lines and the simple shapes are compelling in their quiet beauty and grace.'
  10. 'The cabin has clean, simple lines and seems very user-friendly.'
  11. 'The pieces are simple, with clean lines and few projecting gadgets such as drawer handles.'
  12. 'They're very thin and delicate, with elegant slender stems and a simple, clean design.'
  13. 'This urban contemporary collection keeps things in perspective with simple forms, clean lines and subtle shapes.'
  14. 'That aesthetic would require clean, simple lines, and no fussiness.'
  15. 'The opening menu interface is clean with simple, well-delineated choices - go into the robot lab or go into the arena.'
  16. 'She chose few pieces of furniture and selected items that have clean, simple lines, like the house itself.'
  17. 'The magnificent master bedroom is elegantly curved in shape, has clean sweeping lines and luxurious en-suite facilities.'
  18. 'The simple white walls and clean lines of the store, he says, have the effect of allowing you to see the products clearly.'
  19. 'he took a clean catch'
  20. 'In the musicals, the performances were very clean, and flowed smoothly and the acting was natural and often sparked laughter.'
  21. 'It was a clean take-off, and he was airborne five minutes after starting his take-off run.'
  22. 'His clean movements cut through the waves, barely disturbing the surface; almost as if he were born to water and not the land.'
  23. 'A clean catch and drive provided the platform for a march to the line and the winning try.'
  24. 'It is important they get a good, clean catch as this may be the difference in taking a shot up or having to pass it.'
  25. 'After a few minutes, she got the gist of it, and was making smooth clean strokes.'
(of a taste, sound, or smell) giving a clear and distinctive impression to the senses; sharp and fresh.
  1. 'More gravel than flint, it has a clean, lime-tinged wash and a zesty finish.'
  2. 'Sydney's top ten rate among the best in the world if your tastes are for fresh ingredients, unpretentious culinary achievement and clean tastes.'
  3. 'The clean, fresh tastes so lively and vibrant in the starters were nowhere to be had here.'
  4. 'At its best it produces light to medium-bodied, crisp dry white wines with hints of apples, honey and yeast and a refreshingly pure and clean finish.'
  5. 'The guitars plug in and the amps come to life with a clean thread of pure rock.'
  6. 'A good lemon tart should be gently set and lightly golden with a fresh, clean, lemony taste, rather than anything overly sour and overly sweet.'
  7. 'If only it had remixed the monaural soundtrack into something with more depth, but the audio is clean and clear in any case.'
  8. 'Her voice is pure, clean, vivid, with the flexibility and colors demanded in Verdi.'
  9. 'She had a clean, pure voice, only filled with oodles of emotion.'
  10. 'Eating asparagus on the day it is picked is a truly special experience, the fresh clean flavour just sings.'


So as to be free from dirt, marks, or unwanted matter.
  1. 'He'd scrubbed the tires clean before bringing it home so she wouldn't know he hadn't bought it new.'
  2. 'It won't scrub your insides clean, but it may help and it feels good.'
  3. 'Beaches are giant blank spaces, washed clean every day, on which all sorts of hopes are projected.'
  4. 'My hands are so stained with blood that all the rain in Heaven couldn't wash them clean.'
  5. 'Soapy wash bags are also great for scrubbing the kids clean, and softening the skin at the same time.'
  6. 'There is nothing like a morning under the brine to scrub clean a tired and mucky heart and head.'
  7. 'Once, he pressured someone into scrubbing his boots clean and moaned when he noticed one speck of mud on the bottom.'
  8. 'A good injector sprays fuel out as a mist and the fuel burns rapidly and relatively clean as the droplets are so small that they burn with a puff!'
  9. 'plain oatmeal is a staple for anyone who's eating clean'
  10. 'If you're already a dedicated bodybuilder, eating clean is part of your life.'
  11. 'If you're going to make the effort to eat clean and spend your precious time at the gym, at least train like you mean it.'
  12. 'Being body-conscious and eating clean can definitely test your willpower, especially at this time of the year.'
  13. 'You'll need to eat clean throughout the week: no fast food or processed foods and limited dietary fat.'
  14. 'Eat clean whenever possible, but don't make too many sacrifices.'
Used to emphasize the completeness of a reported action, condition, or experience.
  1. 'I clean forgot her birthday'
  2. 'Global warming was right here, right now: and the idle daydream that it would just import Mediterranean sunshine had been washed clean away.'
  3. 'Suddenly, the wind picked up, knocking Jerry clean off his feet.'
  4. 'He opened his mouth while he pulled one of his hands free from its pocket, and flicked his eyes clean across my face.'
  5. 'He dropped to the floor and swept his adversary's feet clean away.'
  6. 'He got up, landed some nice shots then finished his foe with a ridiculous counter right hand that knocked him clean out.'


Make clean; remove dirt, marks, or stains from.
  1. 'I cleaned up my room'
  2. 'I will stamp my foot until the city rises into the sky and the dirt and filth is cleaned away.'
  3. 'She does my laundry, cleans my house, tidies up after me and empties the cat's litter box.'
  4. 'You may be required to clean the property and tidy the garden before leaving.'
  5. 'My father has this bright idea that he's gonna clean it by washing it down and scrubbing it and vacuuming.'
  6. 'You were to dust my bookshelves and wash the windows and clean the carpets twice a week.'
  7. 'Spyware protection software helps you to completely clean your computer of invasive threats.'
  8. 'Get up, make bed, get dressed, get books ready, brush hair, wash face, clean dorm and head for the dining room for breakfast.'
  9. 'Use vodka, gin, or any pure alcohol to erase lipstick stains from your collar, or to clean paint or ink stains from your carpet.'
  10. 'It can be easier to clean their teeth if you cradle your baby's head in your arms in front of you.'
  11. 'Always wash your hands or clean them with a hand-wipe immediately before and after eating a meal.'
  12. 'there are a variety of ways to cook the herring, but it must first be gutted and cleaned'
  13. 'He then took out his knife and proceeded to clean the fish, and this was a signal for her to go and set up the beds.'
  14. 'It spends a good portion showing how to clean almost every fish imaginable.'
  15. 'Even George, when he had taught her how to clean a fish, hadn't felt the same.'
  16. 'She sat down on the log and she just waited for him to carry on with cleaning the fish.'
  17. 'She said her boys had fishing rods, a net and knives to clean the fish they caught.'
  18. 'Three hours later, we'll return to clean fish, fry fish and eat fish.'


An act of cleaning something.
  1. 'I did a zippy clean of the flat (it's surprising how much dust can settle when you're away for a week) and then they arrived.'
  2. 'I spent the morning tidying away the bits and bobs he'd left behind, but I'll do the real clean tomorrow when Oscar and his litter tray have gone, too.'
  3. 'To allow the work to take place, the service reservoir has been drained down temporarily, and engineers are using this opportunity to give it a routine clean.'
  4. '‘The first thing we are going to do is give the whole place a good clean,’ said the new general manager.'


1. free from dirt; unsoiled; unstained: She bathed and put on a clean dress.

2. free from foreign or extraneous matter: clean sand.

3. free from pollution; unadulterated; pure: clean air; clean water.

4. habitually free of dirt: Cats are considered clean animals.

5. characterized by a fresh, wholesome quality: the clean smell of pine.

6. free from all writing or marking: a clean sheet of paper.

7. having few or no corrections; easily readabl

More examples(as adjective)

"mouths can be clean before things."

"mouths can be clean after things."

"rivers can be clean over years."

"places can be clean of weapons."

"people can be clean in hemispheres."

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