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A curved pointed horny nail on each digit of the foot in birds, lizards, and some mammals.
  1. 'Birds that cling to and climb the sides of trees, like woodpeckers and nuthatches, have strongly curved claws.'
  2. 'The creature's claws were as curved like scythes, and as long as long swords.'
  3. 'The unguals are curved and taper to a sharp point, indicating that the digits terminated in distinct claws.'
  4. 'He was also presented with a special ceremonial stick with a real eagle's claw attached.'
  5. 'Without glue, suction, or claws, these lizards scamper up walls and hang from ceilings.'
  6. 'In mammals, alpha-keratin is found in hair, bristles, hooves, nails, and claws as well as in soft skin.'
  7. 'Lured into a folk chemist, I ducked beneath lizard claws and snake skins, dodged the birds' feet and goat horns.'
  8. 'The limbs are only moderately long, and the feet are narrow, with four main digits and short claws.'
  9. 'All digits have claws, which are not large but are very sharp.'
  10. 'Like many other rodents, all squirrels have five functional toes on the hindfeet and four on the forefeet, with a well-developed claw on each digit.'
  11. 'In other words, they can grab a piece of food with the little claws on their feet, taste it, then bring it up to their mouth and taste it again.'
  12. 'The smoker returned in time for the special starter of fresh crab meat with crab claws.'
  13. 'Six large white and pink peeled crab claws were placed on the plate, basted with oil that made them shiny and enticing.'
  14. 'She was slightly less pleased with her crab and prawn thermidor, having expected a dish of crab claws and prawns rather than the tasty stew topped with crumble she received.'
  15. 'Other starters included crispy potato skins with bacon and cheddar, Caesar salad, New Zealand mussels, crab claws and chowder.'
  16. 'The lamb is divine, and the feast includes crab claws, soup, homemade scones and rhubarb tart.'
  17. 'For starters, we were unable to resist the crab claws with prawn meat stuffing - pricey at £5, but they sounded delicious.'
  18. 'But then Johnson saw the red claw and other characteristics of female crabs.'
  19. 'Top with the meat of one lobster claw and knuckle and half of one lobster tail.'
  20. 'In some species, large males may use their major claw to kill smaller crabs.'
  21. 'Please find attached two pictures that I took of a crab with four pincers on the one claw.'
  22. 'They resembled green humanoid lizards, except for the black bodysuits and mechanical claws.'
  23. 'Mechanical diggers moved in with dinosaur-like claws, ripping away chunks of the six-storey building.'
  24. 'This he replaced with a mechanical claw plated with a non-tarnishing gold alloy.'
  25. 'They were picked up too, and brought into hangars by metal claws on strong wires.'


Scratch or tear something with the claws or the fingernails.
  1. with object 'her hands clawed his shoulders'
  2. 'They rolled around on the floor, angrily scratching and slapping and clawing at each other.'
  3. 'Last time I was teaching them however, I was clawing at the door by about two o'clock hoping that someone would walk past so I could grab them and run away.'
  4. 'His free hand scrabbled desperately around, and he began clawing at his attacker.'
  5. 'She should be clawing at him with her verbal jabs.'
  6. 'His fingers were clawing at my arms as he tried to get away.'
  7. 'She reached up to claw out his eyes, and he caught her other wrist.'
  8. 'He was holding onto the thick leg of an armchair, but tiny, scratching hands were clawing at him, forcing him to loosen his grip more and more gradually.'
  9. 'However, they sometimes pass out or go into frenzies of tearing off their clothes and clawing at their exposed skin, until they receive medical attention by staff on duty.'
  10. 'Say your cat is clawing your couch or your dog is chewing your leather shoe.'
  11. 'Hours after the quake rocked central and southern Italy, rescue teams were clawing at the concrete in the search for survivors.'
  12. 'In several places we each went sprawling, clawing at tufts of dead grass to stop from cartwheeling down the mountain.'
  13. 'Every baby I would swaddle would end up busting out of his bundle and crying his damn little head off, limbs flailing and clawing at the air.'
  14. 'In the beginning there was darkness and fingers clawing at loose debris on the ground.'
  15. 'Gasping, clawing at the empty air, she sunk to the ground.'
  16. 'It was a pitiful thing to find fortunate, but at that point she would grab and claw at anything that could possibly brighten the atmosphere.'
  17. 'I make angry pain noises, clawing at her unyielding fingers in agony.'
  18. 'Searching, Alex frantically clawed at the strong arm that possessed her, looking for an escape amidst chaos.'
  19. 'His fingers were clawing at my arms as he tried to get away.'
  20. 'He threw himself back in suffocating agony and began to claw desperately at his throat.'
  21. 'But I still have that feeling of suffocation, that my lungs are clawing at the air for a breath.'
  22. 'he clawed his way over a pile of bricks'
  23. 'This comes from a man who is still young enough to claw his way up the corporate ladder.'
  24. 'So I crawled, dragging myself over the ground, clawing my way forward because I couldn't bring myself to give up.'
  25. 'Not wanting to go down without a fight, he continued to claw his way forward, continually hoping that he was heading the right direction.'
  26. 'Robinson was moving right across his goalline but stretched back and clawed the ball away.'
  27. 'How could I when you were practically clawing my hand away every time I tried to steal a bite?'
  28. 'It was like pulling off a giant plaster, each hair being slowly ripped from my body, no matter how quickly she clawed the strip away to lessen the sting.'
(of a sailing ship) beat to windward.

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    1. a sharp, usually curved, nail on the foot of an animal, as on a cat, dog, or bird.

    2. a similar curved process at the end of the leg of an insect.

    3. the pincerlike extremity of specific limbs of certain arthropods: lobster claws.

    4. any part or thing resembling a claw, as the cleft end of the head of a hammer.

    5. Typography. the hooklike projection from the right side of an r or from the bowl of a g.

    6. (in a motion-picture mechanism) a device having one or two teeth that hook

    More examples(as adjective)

    "positions can be claw towards levels."

    "derbies can be claw in/at/on ways."

    "positions can be claw."

    "derbies can be claw."


    Old English clawu (noun), clawian (verb), of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch klauw and German Klaue.


    claw something back