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State or assert that something is the case, typically without providing evidence or proof.
  1. with direct speech '‘I'm entitled to be conceited,’ he claimed'
  2. 'The new rules, if passed, will also cut down the cost of processing asylum requests, claims the right-wing party.'
  3. 'Mrs May claimed that evidence from the blonde-haired victim, who had had a baby since her ordeal, was unreliable.'
  4. 'Mr Wallace claimed that the move would have a huge impact on local companies and could result in job losses.'
  5. 'She also claimed that the profession does not attract enough new recruits for financial reasons, painting a worrying picture for the future of nursing.'
  6. 'At the same time, he claimed that professionally qualified caterers were on hand to monitor and inspect the cooking.'
  7. 'Hospital representatives have claimed that the shutdowns are temporary and have attempted to minimise their impact.'
  8. 'Mitsuki looked back at Akira and scowled at her for claiming such a ridiculous notion.'
  9. 'How many times has Ian claimed that he's moved past their time together?'
  10. 'Supporters claimed privatisation would bring an end to underfunding.'
  11. 'The developers and some anthropologists claimed that the evidence on which protection had been granted was fabricated.'
  12. 'his supporters claimed victory in the presidential elections'
  13. 'Frankness demands that any scientist claiming an advance in knowledge must set bounds on that claim by pointing out remaining uncertainties and areas of ignorance.'
  14. 'The UK government is claiming some kind of victory out of a Common Fisheries Policy negotiations which everyone, in the cold light of dawn, admits is the management of extinction by committee.'
  15. 'Both opponents and supporters of affirmative action claimed victory in the days following the ruling.'
  16. 'His supporters claimed a significant reduction in agrarian crime.'
Formally request or demand; say that one owns or has earned (something)
  1. 'The couple were dismayed about waiting so long, and later barged into the hospital with supporters to claim the baby.'
  2. 'If he does, tradition demands that he can claim a seat on the Treasury bench.'
  3. 'If your income is less than these amounts and you have savings that earn interest, then you can claim tax back.'
  4. 'The laws apply to anyone who claims asylum once in Britain, instead of at a port of entry.'
  5. 'Half of the UK's pensioners will be able to claim Pension Credit from October.'
  6. 'She remained the moving spirit behind the scenes for a long time after she stopped claiming any formal roles or titles.'
  7. 'As he picked the baby up to take him home, seeing that was the only thing to do for there was no one claiming him, he noticed a book opened beside it.'
  8. 'Those employed in domestic service will be able to claim the amount they earn as a tax deduction.'
  9. 'The allegations against him go further, suggesting he is claiming money from the fees office to pay the costs of care for his disabled sister.'
  10. 'Remember, all prize money must be claimed not later than the 5th of March, 2005.'
  11. no object 'the premiums are reduced by fifty per cent if you don't claim on the policy'
  12. 'What are you entitled to claim on your house insurance?'
  13. 'She was also accused of faking three burglaries to claim insurance money.'
  14. 'Sometimes punters who have lost their phone falsely report it as stolen in order to claim on insurance.'
  15. 'Still, it's lucky it's a proper illness as you'd be less likely to claim on your tour insurance for a stage-fright cancellation.'
  16. 'The passenger door, rear door and passenger side rear long window were all damaged so I had to claim on my insurance to pay for the damage.'
  17. 'You can still claim on your travel insurance, but then the insurer will recoup the cost from the airline.'
  18. 'Owners reported lost phones stolen to claim on insurance, pushing reported crime through the roof.'
  19. 'We can't claim on insurance because it's a flat roof, which doesn't get covered.'
  20. 'These must be claimed against household insurance.'
  21. 'Henry is told to claim on his travel insurance, which has a £50 excess charge.'
  22. 'Then Jonas seemed to shake himself out of whatever thoughts had claimed him.'
Cause the loss of (someone's life)
  1. 'The attack claimed the lives of 241 Marines.'
  2. 'However, sporadic attacks are still happening, claiming some lives and fueling fears of further violence among residents.'
  3. 'A man is accused of taking part in a vicious attack which claimed the life of a former church organist.'
  4. 'He is believed to have planned two of the attacks, which claimed the lives of 31 people.'
  5. 'A number of band members were killed in the US attack, which also claimed the life of the cameraman.'
  6. 'The wounds that nearly claimed his life asserted their presence by a few sharp throbs as he moved.'
  7. 'Insurgent attacks claimed 1,233 lives, and wounded 4,115 people, during the same period.'
  8. 'The attacks claimed 202 lives and alerted Southeast Asian leaders to the threat that terrorism posed to their region.'
  9. 'Victory riots have claimed the lives of two college students in Massachusetts alone this year.'
  10. 'Several thousand army and navy Special Attack Forces were used, claiming the lives of about 7,000 pilots, many of them no older than 18 or 19.'


An assertion that something is true.
  1. 'But critics say the claim that the 87,000 who've left are doing well rests on shaky evidence.'
  2. 'Furthermore, the claim that the similarities were a result of photographic memory is a claim Kelly herself has never made.'
  3. 'We should also be countering the claim that the monies teachers receive will lead to the impoverishment of city residents.'
  4. 'He has ridiculed the claim that militants are responsible for the disappearances.'
  5. 'Their claim that the sector employs 91,000 people directly is a credible and much-needed revision.'
  6. 'The claim that the visa regulations are being introduced is not true to fact.'
  7. 'Objections include the claim that a house so close to the graveyard would intrude on burials and the privacy of people visiting graves.'
  8. 'Do you think there is any substance, then, to his claim that his own warnings went ignored?'
  9. 'The claim that the protestors offer no alternative to globalization is as false as the other claims.'
  10. 'Parents of pupils at a York primary school have challenged the council claim that their children will receive an improved service if it closes.'
  11. 'the two patents based on his claims will be reconfirmed'
  12. 'The only issue in the proceedings is the proper interpretation of this phrase as it is used in the claims of the Patent.'
  13. 'This will not be the end of uncomfortable and incorrect patent claims but this is certainly one that can be squashed and so hopefully will be.'
  14. 'The patents in suit protect the plaintiffs from infringement of the claims of those patents.'
  15. 'Thirdly, a summary of the relevant parts of the description and claims in the Patent.'
  16. 'The claims in the patent in suit refer to crystallisation on an ‘industrial scale’.'
  17. 'The form of the claims of the patent, as allowed by the Technical Board of Appeal, was known but the final form of the specification was not.'
  18. 'The move has spurred anger among vendors hit by patent infringement claims; they say they will contest the action vigorously.'
  19. 'The specification continues with a commentary upon the characterizing feature of the claim.'
  20. 'The license is also revoked if the licensee makes a patent claim against another licensee over the code covered by the license.'
  21. 'I have also underlined those features of the claim which are relied on for the allegation of infringement.'
A demand or request for something considered one's due.
  1. 'So far the Egyptian courts have consistently upheld Rotondi's claims to Club Red.'
  2. 'Protests against the city's claim to the land were vigorous and lengthy.'
  3. 'Tullow will not put too much store in this victory, but will rather wait for a stiffer examination of their claims to the town's silver.'
  4. 'he should make a claim on his house insurance for storm damage'
  5. 'In the longer term, there is a reduction in the number of insurance claims and related costs if one has a robust system in place.'
  6. 'If you think you do have a case, you should act on any shortfall before you file a claim for compensation.'
  7. 'He believes people working in the claims and brokerage areas of the insurance sector are still being offered company cars.'
  8. 'In case you are worrying how you might file a claim once a piece of space debris has flattened you, it is worth knowing that this insurance is a joke.'
  9. 'It is now up to individual policy holders to pursue their own compensation claims.'
  10. 'Houston, in particular, is above the national average in uninsured claims, Snow says.'
  11. 'Two weeks ago, claims for unemployment insurance hit a five-year high of 392,000.'
  12. 'For example, there are three kinds of compensation for insurance claims.'
  13. 'Death and disability claims on insurance policies are being subjected to more intense scrutiny than was the case ten years ago.'
  14. 'The criminals often return once the insurance claim has been paid out and stolen goods have been replaced.'
  15. 'A claim to the land could not be maintained simply by those who dwelled upon it and the bones resting under it also had a living role to play.'
  16. 'Because the city is the first creditor, they have the first claim on the property.'
  17. 'Hard-liners say settlements and outposts reinforce their claim to Biblical lands.'
  18. 'The claims are limited to land that was seized from its owners after the passing of the 1913 Land Act.'
  19. 'A Maori claim over the land was ignored.'
  20. 'Such a child might use the courts, for example, to establish a claim on inheritance or support.'
  21. 'She was on a committee formed to liaise with ex-Sophiatown residents regarding land claims.'
  22. 'No one interested in native land claims can do without this book.'
  23. 'If you've got a claim over some land where a mining company wants to go, all of a sudden the mining company's going to be knocking on your door.'
  24. 'The much-discussed draft makes official provision for land seizures, so as to speed up the settlement of land claims.'
  25. 'each of them was to be rewarded with a farm and a number of mining claims in the land'
  26. 'The area no longer has any active mines, but there are large tracts of land under claim for placer mining.'
  27. 'The mining claims or other mining related interest may be affected by the action.'
  28. 'Mining claims were staked but were illegal because the territory belonged to the Indians.'

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1. to demand by or as by virtue of a right; demand as a right or as due: to claim an estate by inheritance.

2. to assert and demand the recognition of (a right, title, possession, etc.); assert one's right to: to claim payment for services.

3. to assert or maintain as a fact: She claimed that he was telling the truth.

4. to require as due or fitting: to claim respect. verb (used without object)

5. to make or file a claim: to claim for additional compensati

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(claim)Middle English: from Old French claime (noun), clamer (verb), from Latin clamare ‘call out’.


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