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    1. in combination 'leather-clad boys'
    2. 'The clerics lambaste popular newspapers for running pictures of scantily clad women.'
    3. 'She climbed down the steps to bathe in the river, fully clad.'
    4. 'There was a tremendous amount of young scantily clad women roaming about and they all seemed to be shouting and screaming at the top of their voices.'
    5. 'The 1968 film featured Jane Fonda as the scantily clad intergalactic hero.'
    6. 'Students decked up as traditional warriors, zulu tribals and khakhi-clad men ready to go into the bush, welcomed the guests.'
    7. 'A tall man came in clad in light armour, holding his sheath in his left hand.'
    8. 'They were both clad in black: black jackets, black trousers, black tops.'
    9. 'We now meet the three painters, Micko, Anto and Deco, all of them clad in dirty white overalls.'
    10. 'Fifty-four Japanese schoolgirls, all clad in their uniforms, stroll down into a subway station.'
    11. 'Thousands upon thousands of long-haired and leather-clad fanatics crowded into the club for what was the gig of the year for many.'
    Covered with cladding.
    1. 'Its stone-clad facade consists of square and rectangular patterns, indicative of traditional Bulgarian design.'
    2. 'These are also the people who gave us stone cladding - it's almost impossible to shift a clad house without a huge spend to remove it and repair the frontage.'
    3. 'Natural and artificial light is reflected from the polished and honed surfaces of the stone-clad interior.'


    Encase (a structure) with a covering or coating.
    1. 'Fiber-cement siding clads the Greenpeace home's exterior, and low-VOC paints cover interior walls.'
    2. 'Earlier this month the city council rejected a proposal to revamp it which would have involved cladding it in glass.'
    3. 'Lumber from a demolished warehouse clads the kitchen cabinets, refrigerator surround, and main island.'
    4. 'Natural basalt also clads a stair tower and service rooms.'
    5. 'We've stripped wallpaper, painted, put up skirting boards, hung blinds, panelled ceilings and clad walls.'
    6. 'Interiors have straightforward, affordable, and easy-to-maintain materials; durable, handsome brick clads the exteriors.'
    7. 'The thick stone that clads the facades was chosen to last; the facades look much as they did when new.'
    8. 'Sustainably harvested Western red cedar clads the home's two factory-built modules.'


    1. a simple past tense and past participle of clothe. adjective, (usually used in combination)

    2. dressed: ill-clad vagrants.

    3. covered: vine-clad cottages.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "photos can be clad in jerseys."

    "fronts can be clad in steels."

    "figures can be clad in vests."

    "drivers can be clad in oilskinses."

    "castles can be clad in stones."

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    (clad)Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘clothe’): apparently from clad.