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Bring (a place or people) to a stage of social development considered to be more advanced.
  1. 'Abandoning humanity's civilising journey would surrender the world to the aggressors who rule by fear.'
  2. 'Both countries have a spying and military heritage, and both feel they have a mission to civilise the world.'
  3. 'They must take the lead in civilising our streets and reclaiming them for local communities.'
  4. 'It is the public places that civilize our cities.'
  5. 'Moreover, through the use of space, light, colour and reinterpretation of archetypal forms such as modestly scaled internal courtyards, it manages to humanize and civilize workplace life.'
  6. 'All civilized societies should provide aid to those unable to obtain the means of subsistence.'
  7. 'Imbued with the poetics of nature, comfort, wisdom and healing, it also recalls the heroic curved timber bridges of earlier eras that helped to link and civilise Canada's vast hinterland.'
  8. 'I think we can civilise global capital, provided we realize who the beneficiaries are, and as I say, they are the trade union members, the pensioners, the workers.'
  9. 'At times like these, I feel the urge to move away from home and try to find a more civilized environment to live in.'
  10. 'Now we need to apply that partnership further to improve Britain and make it a more civilised place.'
  11. 'such an affront to civilized behaviour will no longer be tolerated'
  12. 'We are willing to do it in a civilized way, but within a sensible time framework.'
  13. 'It was a very civilized process and that seemed to anger a lot of people.'
  14. 'He not only wants the best food, he wants to be handled in a civilized manner, too.'
  15. 'If you don't like what someone has to say, then engage them in a civilized discussion.'
  16. 'Eventually, I think he will accept a deal, but he's got to play by civilized rules.'
  17. 'This gives the school a decent chance of operating in a civilised, self respecting environment.'
  18. 'Are we in fact enacting their revenge in a civilized way so that they don't have to go out there and do it in a primitive manner?'
  19. 'Sitting their sons down in a civilized manner, they announce their intention to separate.'

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1. to bring out of a savage, uneducated, or rude state; make civil; elevate in social and private life; enlighten; refine: Rome civilized the barbarians.

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"agreements can be civilising."

"roles can be civilising."

"missions can be civilising."

"forces can be civilising."


(civilize)Early 17th century: from French civiliser, from civil ‘civil’.