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adverb & adjective

Extending throughout a city.
  1. as adverb 'sales citywide reached a four-year high'
  2. 'And today he became one of the first to answer a citywide call for people to tie white ribbons to their doors or windows to send out an anti-war message to the world.'
  3. 'But as the movement has grown, it has successfully imposed its mandate on a wider array of businesses; one city has even passed a citywide living wage.'
  4. 'Contentions by opponents that the measure will cover about 200 workers citywide were bolstered by a short report released by the city manager last month.'
  5. 'Strategists who are adept at vote counting confided at the beginning of the summer that there were, so far, too few reliable votes to push through a sweeping citywide law that would reshape neighborhoods with affordable units.'
  6. 'A city councillor has called for a citywide ban on smoking in public places, provoking anger from city pubs and students.'
  7. 'We are trying to come up with measures like extra care housing, reconfiguring home help services and expanding citywide alarms.'
  8. 'The Olympics carry a record security price tag of at least €1 billion that includes a planned citywide network of surveillance cameras and aerial patrols.'
  9. 'The problem is that local banks are now busy establishing their own network, without time to consider a complete citywide ATM network.'
  10. 'An alarm sounded, and a citywide broadcast resounded through the walls.'
  11. 'The internet makes possible open publishing on a citywide and global scale.'

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1. occurring throughout a city; including an entire city: citywide school board elections.

2. open to including, or affecting all the inhabitants of or groups in a city: a citywide track meet.

More examples(as adjective)

"elections can be citywide."

"audits can be citywide."

"systems can be citywide."

"reductions can be citywide."

"rates can be citywide."

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