Adjective "citizenship" definition and examples

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The position or status of being a citizen of a particular country.
  1. 'Granted refugee status, he was able to seek citizenship in a European country.'
  2. 'The bill also makes it unnecessarily tough to grant citizenship to a resident who has a minor conviction.'
  3. 'While he's been granted citizenship, he says hundreds of others are living in limbo.'
  4. 'It was later discovered he had moved to Russia, where he had been granted citizenship.'
  5. 'At the end of their 25 years' service these auxiliaries were granted citizenship.'
  6. 'The professor, who now has dual British and Australian citizenship, expects to take up his new role in October.'
  7. 'After working outside Ireland for many years he now has dual Irish and Canadian citizenship.'
  8. 'He is in no different position from anyone else who obtains citizenship by false means.'
  9. 'Instead he claimed refugee status in the UK and later gained British citizenship in 2001.'
  10. 'If this involves switching citizenship or obtaining dual nationality then so be it.'

More definitions

1. the state of being vested with the rights, privileges, and duties of a citizen.

2. the character of an individual viewed as a member of society; behavior in terms of the duties, obligations, and functions of a citizen: an award for good citizenship.

More examples(as adjective)

"laws can be citizenship."