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Characteristic of an urban environment.
  1. 'On their sprawling homesteads and in their citified saloons, each well-armed Pallatian cultivates a folksy accent and tinkers with quaintly Victorian machinery.'
  2. 'Yeah, but now yer all citified and sophistimacated and know better than to mess with them hick pistols.'
  3. 'His Edge Cities are creatures of the metropolitan periphery or of citified rural landscapes accessible to major metropolitan areas.'
  4. 'If they see you, they will run and hide, terrified by your citified ways and upright posture.'
  5. 'University students go home in their droves over the holidays, pouring scorn on familiar sights with the snobbery of the citified nouveau riche.'
  6. 'Later on, in a moment meant to chide us for the persistence of our citified tunnel vision, he tells us that he has been observing us unseen from a perch on top of the tool shed.'
  7. 'At the very least, I expected them to resent the sudden intrusion and competition that my class of thirty-five citified adults represented.'
  8. 'This is a wholesome look at what two citified and sissified urban brattlings can learn about a hard day's working wading through cow flops.'
  9. 'Not only did they bring their language, religions and customs, they also brought with them a preference for the open country and a general distaste for anything citified.'
  10. 'It seems that you somehow remained fresh and unspoiled beneath that false citified exterior.'


1. made into a city.

2. having city habits, fashions, etc.

More examples(as adjective)

"states can be citified."

"sons can be citified."