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Wary and unwilling to take risks.
  1. 'Teenagers led pretty circumspect lives in those days, with far less freedom than their counterparts today.'
  2. 'They were circumspect, typically observing the dog from a distance.'
  3. 'It is our duty to an injured ally to offer a circumspect response.'
  4. 'Its response: people should trust the police not to prosecute and the government to be circumspect.'
  5. 'He spoke earlier this morning and he was very circumspect about the capabilities of Mother Nature.'
  6. 'They may be more circumspect about public encouragement these days but they continue to sponsor and facilitate his freelance crusade.'
  7. 'Regular contributors are more news-sensitive and circumspect.'
  8. 'While he proclaims himself content with Perth's relaxed way of life, he's circumspect when asked about his career intentions.'
  9. 'We've yet to pick our candidate, so I've got to be circumspect, but we certainly need a charismatic candidate.'
  10. 'Investor are now much more circumspect and vigilant, lest more wool is pulled over their eyes by yet another old goat.'


1. watchful and discreet; cautious; prudent: circumspect behavior.

2. well-considered: circumspect ambition.

More examples(as adjective)

"attorneys can be circumspect in talkings."

"people can be circumspect in things."

"people can be circumspect in forecasts."

"people can be circumspect about things."

"youngs can be circumspect in remarks."

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Late Middle English: from Latin circumspectus, from circumspicere ‘look around’, from circum ‘around, about’ + specere ‘look’.