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Cut off the foreskin of (a young boy or man, especially a baby) as a religious rite, especially in Judaism and Islam, or as a medical treatment.
  1. 'The author of Jubilees attacks those who failed to circumcise their sons, clearly implying that some did not.'
  2. 'Some parents fear that their son will be teased if he is not circumcised.'
  3. 'His grandmother was upset that his parents did not want to circumcise him.'
  4. 'As Muslims, all Turkmen males are circumcised, usually between the ages of three and seven.'
  5. 'A father who forcibly circumcises his son will not win his son's gratitude, affection, trust, or love.'
  6. 'At first my husband and I were in agreement that we wouldn't circumcise him.'
  7. 'Abraham obeyed God and circumcised his son Ishmael and all other males in his household.'
  8. 'Shemot Rabbah tells us that the Jews ceased circumcising their sons to blend in better with their Egyptian hosts.'
  9. 'God had directed Abraham to circumcise newborn males specifically on the eighth day.'
(as a practice traditional in some cultures) partially or totally remove the external genitalia of (a girl or young woman) for non-medical reasons.
  1. 'The colonial authorities had arrested a woman for circumcising her daughter.'
  2. 'Many of the men have multiple wives, and, according to custom, daughters are circumcised.'
  3. 'In 2000, Kenya imposed a fine of $650 and a one-year prison sentence on anyone who circumcises a girl under the age of 18.'
  4. 'Although the study cannot tell us exactly how many young girls are being circumcised today, it does illustrate the magnitude of the issue.'
  5. 'Locals have vowed not to stop circumcising their young girls, a practice which they say is deeply rooted in their society.'
  6. 'It is traditionally accepted for girls in Kenya to be circumcised at age 10 and given away as a bride by age 12.'
  7. 'The two-day gathering brought together ex-practitioners from East and West Africa, which include regions where up to 90% of girls are circumcised.'
  8. 'Girls pass through similar processes, and many also are circumcised.'

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1. to remove the prepuce of (a male), especially as a religious rite.

2. to remove the clitoris, prepuce, or labia of (a female).

3. to purify spiritually.

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"people can be circumcised."

"males can be circumcised."

"believers can be circumcised."

"usings can be circumcised."

"thirdses can be circumcised."

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(circumcise)Middle English: from Old French circonciser, or from Latin circumcis- ‘cut around’, from the verb circumcidere, from circum ‘around, about’ + caedere ‘to cut’.