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Movement to and fro or around something, especially that of fluid in a closed system.
  1. 'Leave your pet at home with plenty of water and air circulation during the peak summer season.'
  2. 'It does this through convection, a process through which heat is transferred during the automatic circulation of fluid.'
  3. 'Under the newly funded project, scientists have designed a system for monitoring coastal circulation and movement of distinct water types.'
  4. 'Avoid crowding your planted pots close together, as your plants need good air circulation and growing room.'
  5. 'You end up with hard soil, with poor air circulation and poor water drainage that plants can't grow well in.'
  6. 'We have little sense, however, of how these asylums fit into general systems of child circulation in specific historical contexts.'
  7. 'Good air circulation will encourage plant health in a confined area, and I would suggest adding a small fan to gently move the air, if needed.'
  8. 'Air circulation and water will keep the microorganisms healthy and working.'
  9. 'In convection, heat is transferred through air or fluid circulation.'
  10. 'A fluid flow model involving deep circulation of mineralizing fluids beneath the Carboniferous basins was suggested.'
  11. 'three 20-minute sessions a week which make you breathe a bit harder can improve circulation'
  12. 'Health experts are finding out that some of the chemicals in cocoa can have a positive effect on the heart and blood circulation.'
  13. 'Unfortunately, none of these will fix or eliminate the damaged veins that hinder proper circulation of blood through the body.'
  14. 'The process, said Sam, would rejuvenate my skin, and might help with water retention and circulation.'
  15. 'This improves circulation, relieves pain, and relaxes tension in the muscles.'
  16. 'People with serious burns need to be closely monitored and often require intravenous fluids to help their circulation.'
  17. 'To ensure proper circulation, drink adequate fluids, wear loose clothing, and, if possible, walk every half hour, or at least flex and extend your ankles.'
  18. 'This bed may ease the aches of hip dysplasia and arthritis and improve blood circulation.'
  19. 'Fluid and proteins leak out of the blood vessels during blood circulation in the body.'
  20. 'Friction from rubbing salt over the body improves circulation, sloughs off dead cells, and softens the skin.'
  21. 'Physically, it is thought to improve circulation and stimulate red blood cells.'
The public availability or knowledge of something.
  1. 'I believe he has undermined the participatory principle of democracy in calling for the draft gender policy to be withdrawn from public circulation.'
  2. 'Whyte's book did not have a wide circulation among the public.'
  3. 'In the early coverage of the crisis, how many false rumors received wide circulation in the widespread press?'
  4. 'Further speeches served to augment his stature and collections were published and enjoyed wide circulation.'
  5. 'Print gave rise to the mass reproduction and circulation of information with wide reaching consequences in all fields.'
  6. 'This revised and enlarged edition was the form in which the book reached wider circulation and received much critical attention.'
  7. 'Given its very wide circulation, this false statement may easily prejudice my trial.'
  8. 'Media diversity is a good thing, only inasmuch as it provides an opportunity for the unrestricted circulation and clash of ideas.'
  9. 'There are more than 250 million guns in public circulation in the U.S.'
  10. 'The school's director was extremely pleased with the wide circulation of the film and its international reception.'
  11. 'the new-look coins go into circulation today'
  12. 'That's just a small amount of extra money that came into circulation.'
  13. 'The bank, concerned about deflation, has pumped a lot of money into circulation in the past couple of years.'
  14. 'Approximately 670,000 pounds sterling of base silver money was withdrawn from circulation.'
  15. 'During the first stage, the goal was simply to introduce the national currency and establish control over monetary circulation.'
  16. 'The king found that there would be no harm in having free circulation of money, and that this would in fact increase commerce and exchange.'
  17. 'This money would re-enter into circulation as financial institutions invest it in other capitalistic ventures.'
  18. 'That's what Las Vegas was made for, to get illegal money back into circulation again.'
  19. 'Convinced of the benefits to be gained from the increased circulation of money, he printed ever larger numbers of bank notes.'
  20. 'During the changeover period there will be a significant increase in the movement of cash as the euro is distributed and Irish currency is withdrawn from circulation.'
  21. 'The gang plotted to put drugs money into normal circulation through betting.'
  22. 'I think the presenter was reading from one of the national tabloids, which, as we've come to expect, print anything that might hike up their circulation.'
  23. 'Is there any national publication of comparable circulation and prominence that has taken these positions?'
  24. 'Ullah was a paper published in a journal, which does not appear to have had a very wide circulation, called Preparative Biochemistry.'
  25. 'A real problem has been The Sun-Herald, which has shed readers and circulation at an alarming rate.'
  26. 'Does your publication only have 10,000 circulation?'
  27. 'Newspaper circulations everywhere have been falling for decades.'
  28. 'Rates vary and are typically based on the publication's circulation and on what the competition charges.'
  29. 'Zimpapers has been losing money as circulation figures decline due to its pro-government stance.'
  30. 'The Independent newspaper said yesterday the tabloid was exploiting the case to boost its circulation.'
  31. 'The United States Postal Service requires all publications to publish a statement of ownership, management and circulation.'

More definitions

1. an act or instance of circulating, moving in a circle or circuit, or flowing.

2. the continuous movement of blood through the heart and blood vessels, which is maintained chiefly by the action of the heart, and by which nutrients, oxygen, and internal secretions are carried to and wastes are carried from the body tissues.

3. any similar circuit, passage, or flow, as of the sap in plants or air currents in a room.

4. the transmission or passage of anything from place to place or perso

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"volumes can be circulations."


(circulation)Late Middle English (denoting continuous distillation of a liquid): from Latin circulatio(n-), from the verb circulare (see circulate).


in (or out of) circulation