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(often preceding a date) approximately.
  1. 'Mountmellick courthouse was built circa 1840 and served the town for close on a century and a half.'
  2. 'This was, in fact, the widely perceived view prior to circa 1990.'
  3. 'The room itself is decorated in the style of a particularly tasteless English living room, circa 1976.'
  4. 'You would be forgiven for thinking that you were in New England circa 1880.'
  5. 'The ancient church dates to circa 1000 AD and is the oldest standing building in the parish of Aghamore.'
  6. 'This was student politics circa 1926, in the days when electing a rector at Edinburgh University caused mayhem in the city.'
  7. 'For some reason we were discussing Coronation Street, and I quoted my favourite line, circa 1966'
  8. 'This is the melee that is urban India, circa 2004.'
  9. 'This construction, despite often being called the Yorkshire Stonehenge, is a reproduction, circa 1820.'
  10. 'My earliest Guernsey ancestor whose name I know was born circa 1780.'

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1. about: (used especially in) approximate dates: The Venerable Bede was born circa 67

3.Abbreviation:ca, ca., c., c, cir., circ.

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"appreciations can be circa."


Mid 19th century: Latin.