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A cigarette or cigar.
  1. 'I took out a pack of cigs and wiggled it in the air.'
  2. 'He smokes thirty cigs a day, has done since he was ten.'
  3. 'The city's Finance Department has sent out some 2,000 letters, insisting that smokers pay back taxes on their cigs.'
  4. 'After her little experiment with cigs, she had promised herself she'd never give in to them, no matter how strong the smell or how badly she wanted one.'
  5. 'Tommy was putting on new wheels to his skateboard, and Jeff was smoking a cig.'
  6. 'I used to be a smoker - in fact at 60 to 80 cigs a day I think it would be correct to say I was a heavy smoker.'
  7. 'I cursed myself for leaving my duty-free cigs in the rental car.'
  8. 'I got bored after talking to him, and watching his friend light cig after cig.'
  9. 'Apparently, he has finally given up the cigs; perhaps that's part of the reason why he has never, ever sounded better vocally.'
  10. 'Making sure that Candi was in her private room, she reached for her cellphone, her new pack of cigs and headed for the back door for a smoke and some privacy.'

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1. a cigarette.

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"taxes can be cig."


Late 19th century: abbreviation.