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A machine for making butter by shaking milk or cream.
  1. 'They found him out back, banging on a butter churn, watched by unimpressed cows.'
  2. 'An old woman covered her bare shoulders with a woollen shawl as Estelle struggled with the butter churn by the doorway.'
  3. 'In the center of the room stands an enormous stainless steel churn, a giant horizontal spatula on wheels to remove the butter from the churn, and a boat, or trough, into which the spatula unloads its haul.'
  4. 'Even better, through development work on the continuous butter churn, Tong and his team of food scientists propose the production of a butter that has a reduced fat content.'
  5. 'The Country Living-themed event at St Mary's Church, Sand Hutton, will include a pig farm, country kitchen window, milk churns and butter churns.'
  6. 'Jackie thought that was a mug's game, but was happy to separate the cream from the milk (by hand), and make butter in a wooden churn.'
  7. 'Some of them saw us and paused at their chores, resting behind their ploughs or looking up from butter churns and gardens.'
  8. 'Occasionally, when there's an abundance of milk, Janet will make butter and cheese by traditional methods using an old, hand-turned butter churn, and her daughter produces free-range bacon.'
  9. 'There's also a table with three skinny legs and a lidded jar with a thick, straight, vertical handle that rises up like the rod of a butter churn.'
  10. 'Her dress was very stately; it was mostly off-white silk, like the color of buttery cream in a churn.'
A large metal container for milk.
  1. 'a milk churn'
  2. 'They were fortunate to have the milk lorry pass by the farm gate, so one of the lads would help the driver to lift the churns up onto the lorry each morning, earlier on a Sunday so that the driver could finish a bit earlier.'
  3. 'I started when I was nine years old going round with my father with a horse and float with milk churns.'
  4. 'I can still hear the clang of the milk churns as they were dropped at the back door and smell the scent of sweet, evocative vanilla and hot milk that wafted up to my room.'
  5. 'The farmers would bring their milk in churns, and the system was that the Department of Agriculture bought it from the farmers, and then they sold it to us.'
  6. 'In the early days farmers would bring their churn of milk to the creamery by whatever means was available to them, horse and cart, donkey and cart or tractor and trailer.'
  7. 'Milk churns and dairymaids are making a comeback on a Sheffield housing estate where South Yorkshire's first urban dairy will start producing cheese commercially next month.'
  8. 'In addition to the pre-war team groups, the paper often featured old pictures of the town - horse drawn carts, rattling with milk churns, wending their way down foggy, gas-lit streets and the like.'


    Shake (milk or cream) in a machine in order to produce butter.
    1. 'Suzanne makes sure that the equipment is all sprayed down, and Alastair churns the cream until it turns into butter.'
    2. 'Our flour comes in the shape of a loaf, our milk churned into butter/cheese.'
    3. 'The organic butter you buy in the grocery store is usually made from mechanically churned cream.'
    4. 'If the gold ore is not refined one will not obtain the pure gold, if the milk is not churned one will not obtain butter, and if the sesame seed is not pounded one will not produce sesame oil.'
    5. 'Besides milking a cow and separating off the cream, that cream has to be churned for quite a while at the right temperature, washed and salted and moulded until it's just right.'
    6. 'She was raised on a rustic Tyrolian farm where she learned to churn butter, bake bread, and store provisions for winter.'
    7. 'They were also expected to wash milk-pots and churn butter.'
    8. 'A full slate of activities also is planned, including butter churning, ice cream making and ice cream eating contests.'
    9. 'It turns out they actually live like that: their jobs are building barns and churning butter and having little card tables at farmer's markets.'
    10. 'McDermott was the lady who churned the butter at Rathscanlon.'
    11. 'Butter and cheese were being churned and sold on the streets, while a pig on a barbecue created a mouth-watering aroma that drifted through the town.'
    12. 'Yet Ann kept up the old tradition of churning butter.'
    13. 'Little Samuel was sitting on the front porch churning butter.'
    14. 'I shall just have to sit and churn butter and weave my own clothing like they did in the old days.'
    15. 'Women churned butter, baked potato bread and poured Irish coffees.'
    (with reference to liquid) move or cause to move about vigorously.
    1. figurative 'her stomach was churning at the thought of the ordeal'
    2. 'At times strong head-winds whipped up high waves that churned the lake surface into a frenzy, making it difficult to paddle.'
    3. 'Pour in the liquid and churn until it starts to thicken and freeze.'
    4. 'They hissed and roared, churning the very sea in their great battle.'
    5. 'A blue substance churns and drips through a tube from one chamber to another.'
    6. 'There were eight pools of waste water, in which purplish-reddish liquid was churning.'
    7. 'Hopefully, if my views help make your mind churn, that adds spice to your life as well.'
    8. 'While the mixture churns, whiz the strawberries to a purée in a food processor.'
    9. 'It churned up the sea even more, and beat the yellow rain macs of the fishermen tying down tarpaulins.'
    10. 'As the gap between the enormous hull and the quayside grew the water churned.'
    11. 'I nodded slowly, feeling liquids inside my head churn roughly.'
    12. 'the earth had been churned up where vehicles had passed through'
    13. 'Elsewhere there are places where thoughtless mountain bike and motorbike riders have churned up paths.'
    14. 'She aimed her rifle at the ground, fired off a spray that churned the earth.'
    15. 'All that is gone now due to a few selfish bikers who rip round all over the field, taking a delight in churning every path up and making walking a very dangerous occupation.'
    16. 'Residents have complained that cars and vans have been used in races around the playing fields, churning up the grass.'
    17. 'By then the Allied armies had advanced about ten miles and the Somme battlefield had been churned, like that of Verdun, into a featureless lunar landscape.'
    18. 'Road safety markings in the shape of dinosaur footprints that were painted on a dangerous crossing to help children get to and from school have been churned up by workmen weeks after they were installed.'
    19. 'The whole of the Market Place has been revamped at vast expense and if it were churned up now it would be quite appalling.'
    20. 'He added grass verges in the area were churned up and were disgusting and wanted to know what Colchester Council was spending taxpayers' money on.'
    21. 'Furious park users claim that a popular beauty spot has been churned up by speeding quad bikes.'
    22. 'Huge earth moving machines continue to churn the ground beneath the pig farm, 18 miles east of Vancouver, in the search of more evidence.'
    (of a broker) encourage frequent turnover of (investments) in order to generate commission.
    1. 'Managers may churn their accounts to generate more soft dollars in order to buy services such as stock research.'
    2. 'One dealer said the volume was mostly churned by traders employed by brokerage houses, with most retail investors still on the sidelines.'
    3. 'He then churned the Estate account by selling perfectly reasonable shares to pay for this ill-conceived investment.'
    4. 'M&B is churning its estate as it attempts to concentrate on larger sites that make more money from selling food than from beer sales.'
    5. 'It was the kind of fairy tale brokers tell their clients while churning their accounts.'

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    1. the act of a person or thing that churns.

    2. the butter made at any one time.

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    "questions can be churning in nights."

    "questions can be churning in days."

    "stomachs can be churning."

    "waters can be churning."

    "questions can be churning."

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    Old English cyrin, of Germanic origin; related to Middle Low German kerne and Old Norse kirna.


    churn something out