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A person who goes to church regularly.
  1. 'Ten years later, he was asked by a member of his United Methodist church to transport the churchgoer's son to Tranquility Bay in Jamaica.'
  2. 'Washington, always a churchgoer but never a communicant, was among those who often spoke of the ‘great Ruler of events,’ but never of Jesus Christ.'
  3. 'How many churchgoers really believe, as matter of historical fact, that Jesus instituted the mass?'
  4. 'This is the tremendous error of our time-that all churchgoers who make a profession of faith in Christ are continually forgiven.'
  5. 'Previously, many people were passive, conformist churchgoers, experiencing church as a television without a remote control.'
  6. 'Most churchgoers vote, and share family and community values.'
  7. '‘Church on Sunday, Work on Monday’ tries to explain why churches have done such a poor job relating to churchgoers as working people.'
  8. 'If you are a regular churchgoer and believe that love should stay within the parameters set by religion, these online dating sites for Christians provide just what you desire.'
  9. 'It is not clear if Matt is himself an active churchgoer or a believer, but he is hardly dismissive of his father's faith.'
  10. 'It is the fastest growing section of the Anglican Church, with more than one third of Anglican churchgoers claiming to be Evangelicals.'

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1. a person who goes to church, especially habitually.

2. Chiefly British. a member of the Established Church, in contrast to a Nonconformist.

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"worshippers can be churchgoer."