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Very pleased.
  1. 'The young art lot are always chuffed when Ferry turns up.'
  2. 'They threw it in for free because it's President's Day weekend and I was so chuffed that I clapped my hands in glee.'
  3. 'Considering I didn't even think I'd make it through the introductory lecture never mind the whole semester I am pretty chuffed.'
  4. 'So we felt pretty chuffed with ourselves when we left Opua, as if we'd had something to do with rearranging the elements.'
  5. 'But they have responded extraordinarily and we feel chuffed that our procedures have worked.'
  6. 'Now 30, he's recently been awarded the accolade of Renaissance Man For The Millennium, though he doesn't seem too chuffed about it.'
  7. 'So a first home goal produced a first home win in front of Chester's biggest crowd of the season, who gave the team and their chuffed new manager a standing ovation.'
  8. 'The players will feel chuffed with their victory, but they will know they have not won the war yet.'
  9. 'I'm also seriously chuffed that I got tickets for two nights of Rolando Villazón in Rigoletto.'
  10. 'We were friends at school, and I guess I felt chuffed that someone did have a crush on me, but I never acted on it because there was no point.'


1. delighted; pleased; satisfied.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be chuffed."


(chuffed)1950s: from dialect chuff ‘plump or pleased’.