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Plump and rounded.
  1. 'I felt sorry for the innumerable chubby people at the front who had to be gasping for air.'
  2. 'The man's round, chubby face was already flushed from that small amount of exertion.'
  3. 'After his body was wet, Hugo's chubby little arms held onto his Dad while he leant back to wet his hair.'
  4. 'But she's just slightly chubby and has nice rosy cheeks and is very sort of ordinary-looking.'
  5. 'I was quite a chubby child which was an issue because the rest of my family weren't.'
  6. 'I couldn't go fast, no matter which gear I tried or how furiously I pumped my chubby legs.'
  7. 'I still wear my hair short and those chubby little cheeks haven't thinned out a bit.'
  8. 'Once there, Christine spoke to a chubby policeman who directed us to a flight of stairs.'
  9. 'Parents were horrified at the antics of chubby rocker Bill Haley and swivel-hipped Elvis Presley.'
  10. 'Rabbits who are too chubby are not able to groom themselves properly and this can cause medical problems.'


1. round and plump: a chubby child; a chubby face.

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"people can be chubby with haircuts."

"people can be chubby on faces."

"people can be chubby as babies."

"people can be chubby."

"hands can be chubby."

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Early 17th century (in the sense ‘short and thickset, like a chub’): from chub.