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The protruding part of the face below the mouth, formed by the apex of the lower jaw.
  1. 'He had brown eyebrows and some brown facial growth on his chin and around his mouth.'
  2. 'He yelled, while he stroked his pointy chin with his clawed right hand.'
  3. 'His fingertips brushed my chin as out our mouths collided, and passionately we kissed under the stars.'
  4. 'He backs slowly away from the door and scratches his chin in thought.'
  5. 'The victim suffered severe cuts to the upper lip, lower lip, the chin and into his neck.'
  6. 'She leaned her elbows on the windowsill, resting her chin in her hands.'
  7. 'He had a slightly pointed chin, and flecks of stubble grew there.'
  8. 'In trying on the helmet, you must hold it by the chin straps.'
  9. 'Adrian shook his head, lowering his chin and raising his hand to check his wig was on straight.'
  10. 'Her face was delicately formed with a thin, shapely nose and a slightly pointed chin.'


Hit or punch (someone) on the chin.
  1. 'But am I going to squawk loudly, jump through the window, chin him and nick his chips?'
  2. 'In the end, he said a few interesting things to Orlando and Orlando chinned him.'
  3. 'Getting chinned by Anthony was one of the best things that could have happened to Lee.'
  4. 'If it had been a policeman, a social worker, a teacher, or anybody else for that matter, chinning somebody on television, would we have heard praise from the leader of the government?'
  5. 'As a heavyweight I chinned 34 of my 35 victims, can you imagine what I am going to do as a cruiser?'
  6. 'I figured if I chinned both parties pretty quickly that would stop it.'
  7. 'A few big shots went in and he seemed to lose interest and rather than get chinned out cold he just wanted to get himself out of there.'
Draw one's body up so that one's chin is level with or above (a horizontal bar) with one's feet off the ground, as an exercise.
  1. 'In sports, this move improves performance of pulling and lifting actions, as seen in the martial arts, chinning, and rope, mountain and rock climbing.'
  2. 'From the very start of his bodybuilding career, the Oak made chinning a priority in his workouts.'

proper noun

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    1. the lower extremity of the face, below the mouth.

    2. the prominence of the lower jaw.

    3. Informal. chin-up. verb (used with object), chinned, chinning.

    4. Gymnastics. to bring one's chin up to (a horizontal bar, from which one is hanging by the hands), by bending the elbows. to raise (oneself) to this position.

    5. to raise or hold to the chin, as a violin.

    6. Archaic. to talk to; chatter with. verb (used without object), chinned, chinning.

    7. Gymnastics. to chin oneself.

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    "restings can be chin."

    "reals can be chin."

    "mornings can be chin."

    "afternoons can be chin."

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    Old English cin, cinn, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kin, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin gena ‘cheek’ and Greek genus ‘jaw’.


    keep one's chin up
    take it on the chin