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Uncomfortably or unpleasantly cold.
  1. 'He said he had loaned the woman his jumper when the air turned chilly during an evening out after the flight in August, 2001.'
  2. 'The evenings are becoming chilly now, enough to remind us of how very cold it will be, come winter.'
  3. 'I have an immersion heater so we'll have hot water, but the radiators are stone cold and it's chilly this evening.'
  4. 'Although I was quite wet on the chilly evening, I continued to talk with one agent after another.'
  5. 'The atmosphere in Gurazada open-air auditorium at Siripuram junction warmed up on a chilly evening with hot numbers.'
  6. 'In every one the owner offered a little cup of strong black sugary tea and a chair by the stove, since outside high summer the evenings are decidedly chilly.'
  7. 'A chilly, drizzly evening set the stage for a terrific tale of murder, mystery and mayhem, led by one Mr. Ripper's foremost authorities.'
  8. 'Too bad those chilly San Francisco evenings demand socks and shoes.'
  9. 'I have an old Shetland wool cardigan jacket, knitted in a massive cable stitch, that I tend to wear on chilly evenings.'
  10. 'Sultry summer evenings gave way to chilly autumn and cold winter nights.'
  11. 'I felt a bit chilly'
  12. 'His whole body hurt, and he was chilly and he wanted the bloody blanket if he cut his wrists getting it.'
  13. 'Since when did the wind start delivering shirts to chilly children?'
  14. 'When you hear a little crake noise, then you shall know that I am chilly and you shall make more fire.'
  15. 'Mysti did her powerful leap from the ground and immediately I was chilly from the cool night air as the rushing wind passed me.'
  16. 'Initially his ideas received a chilly reception by the high command.'
  17. 'Graph Nobel has been a cause célèbre on the T-Dot scene, but she received a chilly reception from most of the overheated onlookers on this day.'
  18. 'Crying after Mrs. Moore's chilly reception, Adela begins to cry out Aziz's name.'
  19. 'Barker is often perceived as a rather chilly writer, but here he laughs at the absurdity of humanity that dares to hope even as it digs its own grave with a spade.'
  20. 'The Japanese delegation received a chilly reception in Laos.'
  21. 'Also, they give the president's State of the Union speech a rather chilly reception.'
  22. 'You should see him wrinkle his nose in disgust if it's all chilly and unfriendly.'
  23. 'A group of volunteer border guards get a chilly reception in southern California.'
  24. 'Not surprised by the chilly reception, Rena bids Olivia a goodnight and moves away.'
  25. 'Their influence is suspected in the chilly reception from corporate Canada.'


1. mildly cold or producing a sensation of cold; causing shivering; chill: a chilly breeze.

2. feeling cold; sensitive to cold: Her hands were chilly.

3. without warmth of feeling; cool: a chilly reply.

4. producing or likely to produce a feeling of fear; frightening: He told a chilly story of ghosts and murder. adverb

5. Also, chillily. in a chill manner: The wind blew chilly.

More examples(as adjective)

"banks can be chilly about lendings."

"teams can be chilly in/at/on todays."

"places can be chilly in/at/on weekends."

"temperatures can be chilly in breezes."

"rooms can be chilly for youngsters."

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