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Showing a lack of respect or politeness in a way that is amusing or appealing.
  1. 'Nevertheless, venturing south for a cheeky weekend away turned out to be a pleasant surprise.'
  2. 'Some of his questions were a bit cheeky, and I applaud you for revealing your income.'
  3. 'I suppose it was a bit cheeky of me to draw someone while they were sleeping, but I couldn't resist it.'
  4. 'They have a tremendous sense of perspective and although they may be a bit cheeky with it, they never do arrogance.'
  5. 'Earlier this year we were getting rid of properties after just a week and getting away with cheeky prices.'
  6. 'Here was I, cheeky Emma Kennedy, about to have to do some proper acting with no laughs attached.'
  7. 'Jade has a cheeky grin and her eyes sparkle behind her thick-rimmed glasses.'
  8. 'He could be quite cheeky but he was always enthusiastic, and totally dedicated to Sally and Ellie.'
  9. 'Yes, I am cheeky, but so far we have relied heavily on the good people of Bolton and they have never let us down.'
  10. 'People who knew him, including his teachers, would describe him as a lovable, cheeky rogue.'
  11. 'a cheeky pint'


1. impudent; insolent: a cheeky fellow; cheeky behavior.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be cheeky in/at/on mornings."

"people can be cheeky to weeks."

"people can be cheeky to teachers."

"people can be cheeky to mumses."

"people can be cheeky to friends."

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