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The power or quality of delighting, attracting, or fascinating others.
  1. 'His witty banter and social charm made him delightful company; he was small in stature and his voice was vigorous and pleasant.'
  2. 'Pierre Trudeau, whose charm and charisma captivated a nation, is now 80.'
  3. 'I'm fascinated by this character trait known as charm or charisma.'
  4. 'It has that magical charm of youthful curiosity mixed with dark deadpan humour.'
  5. 'It intrigued him to see that there was one girl out there who wasn't attracted to his charm.'
  6. 'It was full of delight and exuberance and charm.'
  7. 'These early sitcom-style moments contain much of the humour and charm that really draws us into the world of these characters.'
  8. 'It is a Victorian house of great charm and character.'
  9. 'James Fitzgerald, Geoffrey Coles and Morgan Lee James aim to delight their audience with infectious warmth, humour and charm.'
  10. 'Members of the opposite sex will be attracted by your charm.'
  11. 'the hidden charms of the city'
  12. 'It's not just Australians who have switched on to the charms of this charismatic comedian.'
  13. 'But for the savvy traveler who has been there, done that, Tokyo offers hidden charms to rejuvenate the heart and relieve the soles.'
  14. 'He is immediately fascinated by him and disappointed when Dean is attracted by the charms of his other friends.'
  15. 'He was willing to give it a year; before six months were up they had made friends, refocused their eyes to the discreet charms of the New Town and had decided to stay.'
  16. 'He was often unable to resist her girlish charms and detested the thought of making the poor child work more than she should.'
  17. 'Staff at the 17th century Treasurer's House in the shadow of York Minster are appealing for volunteers to help to uncover its hidden charms for thousands of visitors.'
  18. 'For me, one of the principal charms of New York City is that it is home to some of the greatest jazz figures in history, who are commemorated with plaques, signs or street names in neighbourhoods where they lived.'
  19. 'It was in January 1997 that the newspaper noticed her charms and featured her in a photo shoot.'
  20. 'Jim remarks on Lena's sleepy eyes, her attractive features and figure, and her seductive charms.'
  21. 'Judge Brett Cullum thinks this oft-reviled David Lynch feature definitely has its charms, if you know how to approach it.'
A small ornament worn on a necklace or bracelet.
  1. 'It was a jewellery case and she opened it up to find a tiny gold necklace with a unique charm on it; the symbol of the Trinity.'
  2. 'She pulled nervously at her necklace, the charm swinging back and forth.'
  3. 'It was during the late Victorian period that gold charms worn on bracelets were considered suitable gifts on St Valentine's Day.'
  4. 'I debated on an accessory, finally deciding on a silver chain necklace with a small charm of a glass slipper on the end.'
  5. 'Nadia looked at the silver bracelet with small charms connected around it.'
  6. 'Then I noticed Ameila was looking at the necklace charms.'
  7. 'She let out a little laugh and he watched the charm of her choker necklace shake.'
  8. 'Queen Victoria gets the credit for popularizing jewelry charms throughout Europe by wearing lockets or charms on her royal bracelets.'
  9. 'At one point I was caught up in the loop attached to my skirt and one of the charms of the bracelet.'
  10. 'She held up a variety of decorative necklaces and charms.'
An object, act, or saying believed to have magic power.
  1. 'Not since his first sale of a magic charm was he so concerned over the opinion of his work.'
  2. 'There exist a myriad of spells, amulets, talismans and lucky charms in various cultures.'
  3. 'It is a place that is full of spells and curses, where powerful charms work their magic, and everything is witchcraft and wizardry.'
  4. 'Galician folklore includes many charms and rituals related to the different stages and events of the life cycle.'
  5. 'In order to appease the wandering spirits they believed roamed at night, the Celtic priests made fires in which they burned sacrifices, made charms, and cast spells.'
  6. 'This old volume was full of ancient secrets of magical healing, useful incantations and protective charms.'
  7. 'Do fortune-tellers openly diagnose ailments and sell magic charms to the naïve?'
  8. 'Rituals, prayers, and charms are used by folk healers only as additional elements of healing.'
  9. 'No one has vanished since that day, but how long the power of the charm will last I cannot say.'
  10. 'We can exercise our own intuition to create the meaningful tools, charms, symbols and rituals for ourselves.'
  11. 'a good luck charm'
  12. 'Antlers hang like good luck charms over cabin doors.'
  13. 'The pieces of jewellery serve as good luck charms for their wearers.'
  14. 'In the Middle Ages the onion was used as a charm against evil spirits, the plague and infection.'
  15. 'An example would be believing that, as one passed one's driving test soon after buying a good luck charm, the charm must have caused one to pass the test.'
  16. 'The crystals were of varying sizes and shapes, often bought as charms, or luck tokens.'
  17. 'They would sprinkle salt, hang garlic, and attach good luck charms all around the home.'
  18. 'In the Middle Ages it was regarded as a charm against witchcraft.'
  19. 'Letters, cards, all sorts of miraculous medals and good luck charms have all been winging their way there in recent years.'
  20. 'Huck and Joe go back in the water for another swim, but Tom declines, because he has lost his string of rattlesnake rattles, his magic charm against cramps.'
  21. 'This charm brings me luck wherever I go for fairies enchanted it.'
One of six flavours of quark.
  1. 'These include the charm and top quarks, which are heavy copies of the up quark, and the strange and bottom quarks, which are heavy copies of the down quark.'
  2. 'Similar fun is had in other fields of science, as for instance by physicists who have named a class of elementary particles quarks, of which charm is one of the flavors.'


Delight greatly.
  1. 'People have been delighted by the response to their films, charmed by the courtesy and enthusiasm of the festival staff.'
  2. 'I find it hard not to be charmed by such a style, and in a book like this it is more than usually welcome.'
  3. 'When you see him taking visiting dignitaries round, he charms them.'
  4. 'Universally denounced by critics, the director's tale of two teenagers in love in the Camargue charmed and delighted untold thousands.'
  5. 'Again, each child was welcomed by a smiling elf who brought them to the cubicle where a warm, friendly Santa tried every trick in the book to charm my youngster.'
  6. 'I think she could have absolutely charmed that jury, totally and completely.'
  7. 'For a second day running Muhammad Ali arrived early, made a beeline for the athletes and posed for photographs much to the delight of the sportsmen and women who were charmed by the legendary boxer.'
  8. 'Face to face with the piquant personality that had charmed de Gaulle, he was charmed as well.'
  9. 'The beautiful lakeside towns of Lago di Garda have charmed people for centuries.'
  10. 'His profiles of animals will charm you and transform your vision of them forever.'
  11. 'you're not going to charm me into changing my mind'
  12. 'He charms his way into stardom with his infectious laughter and a casual sense of humour.'
  13. 'Actually, Schumer charms me by laying his cards on the table.'
  14. 'He didn't want to embarrass Ashley by blaming anything on her, so he just figured he'd charm his way out of it.'
  15. 'Local doctor, Michael Loftus described them as a remarkable couple, beautiful people, who would charm anyone.'
  16. 'Saif Ali Khan is an actor who has both cajoled and charmed moviegoers into accepting a different kind of hero.'
  17. 'She has such a likeable presence, that when she sings she charms her way into your heart.'
  18. 'But Bush, he really does go out there and he charms us.'
  19. 'Through the years one thing has remained the same: Dave Douglas charms his audiences.'
  20. 'Sears charmed the audience with her magnetic personality and shared the motivation behind her chosen career path.'
Control or achieve by or as if by magic.
  1. with adverbial 'she will charm your warts away'
  2. 'Search where you will, you will not see one who can charm a snake like me.'
  3. 'If the serpent bites, the person who knows how to charm a snake is no better off than one who doesn't.'

More definitions

1. a power of pleasing or attracting, as through personality or beauty: charm of manner; the charm of a mountain lake.

2. a trait or feature imparting this power.

3. charms, attractiveness.

4. a trinket to be worn on a bracelet, necklace, etc.

5. something worn or carried on one's person for its supposed magical effect; amulet.

6. any action supposed to have magical power.

7. the chanting or recitation of a magic verse or formula.

8. a verse or formula credited with magical powe

More examples(as adjective)

"powers can be charm."

"memberships can be charm."


(charm)Middle English (in the senses ‘incantation or magic spell’ and ‘to use spells’): from Old French charme (noun), charmer (verb), from Latin carmen ‘song, verse, incantation’.


turn on the charm
work like a charm