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Relating to the assistance of those in need.
  1. 'If Chris Martin is eager to perform more charitable acts, he should bring these boys back on tour with him.'
  2. 'Veteran drag artist Danny La Rue, who was born in Cork and emigrated to London with his mother as a child, receives an OBE for charitable services.'
  3. 'It is believed the £5,000 web link, funded by the hospital's transplant unit endowment charitable fund, is the first of its kind in the UK.'
  4. 'They are known and recognised too as the most generous workforce in the land when it comes to assisting charitable and deserving causes, and the company cannot be unmindful of that.'
  5. 'Many charitable solicitations appeal to your heart, but if you want to do the most good, it helps to keep your head in the game.'
  6. 'Many options exist for charitable giving that can affect your tax bottom line. Some options can reduce estate taxes too.'
  7. 'Immediately before the second world war the prestigious forerunners of Britain's present day teaching hospitals were financed by charitable contributions.'
  8. 'In fact, the UK is now the most liberal environment for charitable giving in the world, which is great news for generous Brits.'
  9. 'And meanwhile we are expected to cough up another £450,000 by charitable donations to buy furniture for the new hospital.'
  10. 'they set up a charitable trust to run the hospital'
  11. 'Accountants at Baker Tilly have welcomed government plans to revise the definition of charity, which, they say, will go some way to clarify the boundaries of charitable activity.'
  12. 'Independent of this, citizens seem to be donating generously to international charitable organisations.'
  13. 'The charity drive helped 1,300 children from disadvantaged homes receive assistance at various charitable organizations.'
  14. 'Any non party-political activities of a charity should not affect its charitable status provided it acts in good faith and its activities are not illegal or against public policy.'
  15. 'A charitable hospital provides free treatment to 800 outpatients at any given point of time.'
  16. 'Those who object to all or some of the activities of churches and other charitable organizations ought not to be obliged to support them through the tax system.'
  17. 'The proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations for public assistance.'
  18. 'He was a generous benefactor to charitable institutions in Baltimore.'
  19. 'Around the ashram has developed a 1,000-child school and a charitable hospital.'
  20. 'Christian religious groups maintained hundreds of charitable hospitals for victims of leprosy.'
  21. 'he had to collect his daily food from charitable people'
  22. 'A gentleman was expected to be hospitable, charitable, fair-minded.'
  23. 'I have to say, Mr. Galloway, you are a charitable man with a big heart.'
  24. 'Your mother was a very charitable woman, I see.'
  25. 'Former publican and owner of Poole's Public House (now the Ramblers Rest), Seán was a friendly and charitable man with a smile for all he met.'
  26. 'Anything else we do after that is charitable and generous.'
  27. 'This is why the Torah requires us to be charitable and hospitable to a slave.'
  28. 'She is perhaps best remembered as a charitable friend of the sick and downtrodden.'
  29. 'He seems to me to be the kind of person who'd want to go by Tim: easygoing, good-looking, charitable, not a science whiz but a nice guy all around.'
  30. 'His love, welling up in us, fills us with hope that our world can become more loving, more compassionate, and more charitable.'
  31. 'Annie ran Tobin's Café on the Quay for some 30 years where she was known to be a very generous and charitable lady.'
  32. 'A by-product of her spirituality, manifested in a variety of ways, has always been her generosity and charitable disposition.'
  33. 'They are by nature generous, kind-hearted and charitable people.'
Apt to judge others leniently or favourably.
  1. 'The Durranis belong to a tribe that straddles Pakistan and Afghanistan and is widely reputed to be fair-minded, charitable and moderate.'
  2. 'I consider myself a fairly charitable and tolerant person.'
  3. 'The most charitable interpretation of this sudden hesitation is that our liberal friends are confused about ends and means.'
  4. 'If you are going to be a Christian, then there is no way to avoid a tendency toward condemnatory judgment of the rich and gracious, charitable compassion for the poor.'
  5. 'In my more charitable moments, I can forgive my grandfather his selfishness.'
  6. 'At times this approached a rankling self-righteousness, but generally his contemporaries saw him as reserved, gentle, and charitable.'
  7. 'So have we so lost our ability to feel compassion or be charitable in the face of sporting failure, that losing has become unacceptable?'


1. generous in donations or gifts to relieve the needs of indigent, ill, or helpless persons, or of animals: a charitable man giving much money to feed the poor.

2. kindly or lenient in judging people, acts, etc.: charitable in his opinions of others.

3. pertaining to or concerned with charity: a charitable institution.

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"voices can be charitable to parties."

"people can be charitable to wanderers."

"people can be charitable to poors."

"people can be charitable to people."

"people can be charitable to beggars."

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Middle English (in the sense ‘showing Christian love to God and man’): from Old French, from charite (see charity).