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A marine mammal of the order "Cetacea" ; a whale, dolphin, or porpoise.
  1. 'Within odontocete cetaceans, variation in body design affects stability and turning performance.'
  2. 'Odontocete cetaceans rely upon echolocation to sense the environment and detect prey.'


Relating to or denoting cetaceans.
  1. 'In many ways, the cetacean ear is radically different from the ear of terrestrial mammals.'
  2. 'Morton's text is generous with information about cetacean life in general and observations of killer-whale behavior in particular.'
  3. 'She noted that government scientists investigating a number of cetacean beachings had attributed them to naval exercises involving mid-frequency sonar.'
  4. 'To work for closer integration of environmental concerns into fisheries management including a reduction in small cetacean casualties.'
  5. 'The research is based on cetacean fossils representing four groups of early whales.'
  6. 'Hans Thewissen and Philip Gingerich are excellent paleontologists who have recently changed our whole picture of cetacean evolution.'
  7. 'Our findings suggest that several regions of the cetacean cytochrome b protein have experienced molecular adaptation.'
  8. 'The story focuses on Nathan Quinn, a cetacean biologist trying to figure out what whale song means.'
  9. 'Most cetacean studies lack the detail of studies on terrestrial species.'
  10. 'Our future response to these and other threats will determine whether most cetacean species survive.'

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1. belonging to the Cetacea, an order of aquatic, chiefly marine mammals, including the whales and dolphins. noun

2. a cetacean mammal.

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