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(in Scotland, Ireland, and India) a tax or levy.
  1. 'In the long run, we need to think of making the services cheaper and introducing a public-transportation cess on private vehicles to cross-subsidise the system.'
  2. 'The service tax and the cess on each banking transaction will hit everyone badly.'
  3. 'If cable operators are forced to declare households honestly, will broadcasters be asked to pay a cess to defray the burden of maintaining the last mile access which makes it possible for their channels to be viewed in India?'
  4. 'Beag has also pointed out that the public was being forced to pay twice; first through the cess being levied on the petrol or diesel for road widening and then again through the toll.'
  5. 'The increase in service tax and a new cess will put an additional burden on the common man.'
  6. 'I propose to levy a cess of 2 per cent on income tax, corporation tax, excise duties, customs duties and service tax.'
  7. 'A cess can also be levied on these investments, which can be used to fund a social security net for construction workers.'
  8. 'Now, another shocker awaits them - in the form of infrastructure and Sold Waste Management cesses to be levied from April 1.'
  9. 'But to confirm her fears, several companies have hiked prices, effectively passing on the education cess to customers.'
  10. 'They have been paying for a dream metro rail to solve their problems since 1995 through the infrastructure cess on petrol and diesel.'


A curse on.
  1. 'And bad cess to those dunderheads who insist the Earth is round, too!'
  2. 'It's nothing but vandalism and bad cess to them that wield the spray cans.'
  3. 'And good riddance and bad cess to him, he said.'

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1. British. a tax, assessment, or lien.

2. (in Scotland) a land tax.

3. (in Ireland) a military assessment.

4. (in India) an import or sales tax on a commodity. verb (used with object)

5. British. to tax; assess.

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"pits can be cess."

"systems can be cess."

"payments can be cess."

"issues can be cess."

"funds can be cess."

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(cess)Mid 19th century (originally Anglo-Irish): perhaps from cess.