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(of a person) careful to avoid potential problems or dangers.
  1. 'firms have been unusually cautious about hiring new workers'
  2. 'Perhaps that means they should be more wary and cautious in the future.'
  3. 'But they were more cautious, fearing a challenge which might destabilise the bank.'
  4. 'My dad was always very careful and he has advised me not to be too cautious and end up with money I don't know what to do with.'
  5. 'So ignore commentators' advice to be more politically correct, more cautious, more bland.'
  6. 'Perhaps the media has simply become more cautious since the days of the dot-com bust.'
  7. 'The second reason to be cautious is that there is no effective mechanism for dealing with global imbalances.'
  8. 'You never know, the council may even be a little more cautious before it offers up another bit of open space to developers.'
  9. 'Nowadays, you've got to be as cautious with your email address as with your home address.'
  10. 'But while enjoying different foods and customs, she is also learning when to be cautious.'
  11. 'However, when it comes to holiday spending, we are just that little bit more cautious.'
  12. 'Their overly cautious policy is one that they will pay for in the end.'
  13. 'The attitudes many of these young people had developed were both cautious and illiberal.'
  14. 'Initial reaction from the couple was cautious but the breakthrough of the arrest was evident on their faces.'
  15. 'The Pope's cautious reaction to martial law was prompted by his firm belief in non-violence.'
  16. 'Vale of York MP Anne McIntosh takes a slightly more cautious line than her leader.'
  17. 'Bradford's new Gala Casino opened its doors yesterday to a cautious welcome from some.'
  18. 'I even have a cautious optimism that some such changes could benefit Catholic life.'
  19. 'Tendring Council has given cautious approval to the Bathside Bay proposals.'
  20. 'Traders in Wood Street in Old Town have given a cautious welcome to a parking meter that arrived two weeks ago.'
  21. 'Campaigners have given a cautious welcome to news that a Witham community centre looks likely to be saved.'


1. showing, using, or characterized by caution: a cautious man; To be cautious is often to show wisdom.

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"people can be cautious about things."

"people can be cautious in things."

"investors can be cautious about things."

"banks can be cautious in loans."

"analysts can be cautious about prospects."

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Mid 17th century: from caution, on the pattern of pairs such as ambition, ambitious.