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(of a tune or phrase) instantly appealing and memorable.
  1. 'Ted uses lots of catchy songs, puzzles and word games to help the children have fun and learn while watching.'
  2. 'On Painkiller, Griffin's soft falsetto floats above a catchy chorus and sweet pop melody.'
  3. 'Then The Smiths came on Top of the Pops with an odd, catchy tune called This Charming Man.'
  4. 'While the vocalists have an ear for a catchy turn of phrase, there isn't much substance to back it up.'
  5. 'When it comes to soundtracks, all a film needs is a couple catchy tunes to hook the record buyer.'
  6. 'I walk out of movies and plays, and I never accept invitations to operas that have no catchy tunes in them.'
  7. 'Cole Porter's brilliantly catchy songs sound as good today as they ever did.'
  8. 'They've shown that there is more to advertising than a catchy slogan and a memorable logo.'
  9. 'However, every track is a gem of poetry and the tunes are disarmingly catchy.'
  10. 'As with any expectant new band, one of the first decisions that had to be made was to choose a catchy name.'


1. pleasing and easily remembered: a catchy tune.

2. likely to attract interest or attention: a catchy title for a movie.

3. tricky; deceptive: a catchy question.

4. occurring in snatches; fitful: a catchy wind.

More examples(as adjective)

"tunes can be catchy."

"slogans can be catchy."

"pops can be catchy."

"melodies can be catchy."

"songs can be catchy."

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