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The action of collecting water, especially the collection of rainfall over a natural drainage area.
  1. 'As delighted as I am to see proper little homes being built at the informal settlement, I am struck by the lack of provision for water catchment.'
  2. 'Our experience with the lakes restoration project in Bangalore last year has proved that cleaning and desilting of large reservoirs improves catchment and water storage capacities.'
  3. 'Since we were unable to reach the villages upstream, we cannot establish whether the river had water catchment or storage facilities upstream.'
  4. 'Maasai have complained that settlement in the drought-prone area by Kipsigis has harmed water catchment for the Ewaso Nyiro river, which the Maasai use to water their cattle.'
  5. 'Owen, who also helps with the construction, says the catchment will have a water filtration system.'
A catchment area.
  1. 'It suggested that 20 catchments / regions highly affected by salinity be addressed first.'
  2. 'This is a very large catchment with a high rainfall and large swamps within the river basin.'
  3. 'The Yarra River, swollen by the torrents of water falling over its catchment, broke its banks, as did other metropolitan creeks and rivers.'
  4. 'There was little relief for dwindling water supplies, with only a small amount of water falling in the Rocky Creek Dam catchment.'
  5. 'In the future we all need to do more strategic planning across the whole river catchment.'
  6. 'Drinking water is actually collected from this catchment as well.'
  7. 'We have been very pleased to see the idea adopted in other river catchments.'
  8. 'Watershed catchments do indeed have much variation in their size, shape, topographic slope and irregularity, soils, land use and cover, and climate setting.'
  9. 'Wherever rain is unusually torrential or persistent, it will not be long before river catchments fail to contain surface run-off and start to expand across their flood plains and beyond.'
  10. 'It also noted that a study of seven river catchments in the south-east found a direct relationship between river nitrate concentrations and the percentage of land area ploughed.'

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1. the act of catching water.

2. something for catching water, as a reservoir or basin.

3. the water that is caught in such a catchment.

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