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A yacht or other boat with twin hulls in parallel.
  1. 'Our dive boat was a 14m catamaran with two 250 h.p. engines, and it looked just great.'
  2. 'Elegant yachts, powerboats and catamarans moor up at the jetty bringing a daily stream of lively faces eager to learn more about this beautiful island and the stunning architecture of the village-once the French capital of St Lucia.'
  3. 'If you charter a boat in Miami, you can pick and choose among spacious trawlers, luxurious motor yachts, or swift catamarans.'
  4. 'Sunday will feature a long-distance race for catamarans and keelboats.'
  5. 'You need to charter catamarans, not monohulls, to explore these incredible seas.'
  6. 'It has an air-cushioned catamaran hull and waterjet propulsion, which provides high speed and manoeuvrability.'
  7. 'We're not talking sea-going yacht or racing catamaran here, just a simple flat-bottomed boat to get a closer look at the reef and marine life.'
  8. 'There are a number of different sailing vessels currently operating out of Thailand, from mono hulled outfits to catamarans or even trimaran yachts.'
  9. 'The kinds of boats available range from 80-foot motor yachts and sprawling catamarans to smaller sailboats that cater to couples.'
  10. 'High speed catamarans or hydrofoils will whisk up to 150 passengers on the 30-minute journey from Fife to Edinburgh's waterfront every half an hour at peak times.'

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1. a vessel, usually propelled by sail, formed of two hulls or floats held side by side by a frame above them.Compare trimaran.

2. a float or sailing raft formed of a number of logs lashed together, used in certain parts of India, South America, etc.

3. a quarrelsome person, especially a woman.

4. Canadian Dialect. a wooden sled.

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Early 17th century: from Tamil kaṭṭumaram, literally ‘tied wood’.