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A complete list of items, typically one in alphabetical or other systematic order.
  1. 'This list of the guilty implicated in the events at Pitelinskii district offered a virtual catalogue of recognizable and acceptable enemies of the Soviet state.'
  2. 'Over a century ago, Charles Cutter established a methodology for creating library catalogs called Rules for a Dictionary Catalog.'
  3. 'Library users can now also access the library catalogue and renew their books on line.'
  4. 'But, when I clicked on to their library catalogues, I found little boxes instead of roman script.'
  5. 'Specimen data in the museums are often maintained in a form of catalogs similar to bibliographic catalogues in the libraries.'
  6. 'They didn't know how to search the library catalogue, they didn't know what a Dewey Decimal number was.'
  7. 'A catalogue of its library survives from 1372, listing 646 items.'
  8. 'We have put our library catalog online, and now we are investing in a new collections information management strategy.'
  9. 'Imagine going to a library catalogue and not only getting the books but web pages also.'
  10. 'Shortly thereafter, libraries began offering Web-based resources such as online catalogs and article databases.'
  11. 'We are hoping to set up a consortium of institute libraries with a standardised catalogue and a strong policy on resource sharing.'
  12. as modifier 'a mail-order catalogue'
  13. 'Whether you order from the catalogues or not, it's sheer pleasure to look at the colourful photographs and a good place to pick up ideas for the garden.'
  14. 'She once spent an entire morning poring over a mail-order catalogue.'
  15. 'You'll find the greatest selection of daylilies in the catalogs of mail-order specialists.'
  16. 'Hyacinths are available wherever flower bulbs are sold, including garden centers, home centers, supermarkets and mail-order catalogues.'
  17. 'If you buy something from a brick and mortar store, or even from their mail-order catalog, you usually don't run into any serious problems.'
  18. 'Provided it is safe to do so, pictures will be taken of the sheep for sale and a catalogue produced for display both on the internet and via the post.'
  19. 'The Seattle venture has expanded to include two New York City stores, a mail-order catalog, and a Web site.'
  20. 'As the twentieth century wore on, railroads and mail-order catalogs supplanted the country stores.'
  21. 'Purchase wood veneer at craft stores and through woodworking mail-order catalogs.'
  22. 'With so many fun new choices and tried-and-true favorites to choose from, gardeners this fall should find excitement in mail-order bulb catalogues and garden center aisles.'
  23. 'In keeping with this belief, he never left details such as the design of exhibition announcements and catalogues to the graphic designers usually hired by galleries and museums.'
  24. 'They include exhibition catalogues, works on art theory and works on individual artists.'
  25. 'A dandy, a wit, an inveterate controversialist, he conducted a series of campaigns against the public and critics in the form of pamphlets, annotated exhibition catalogues, and letters to the press.'
  26. 'An excerpt from the undated letter was published after her death in the catalogue of the memorial exhibition of her collection.'
  27. 'This collection is the catalogue of an exhibition held at Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Toronto, Victoria and Winnipeg.'
  28. 'Even with a detailed accompanying catalogue, it is difficult to comprehend the complicated workings of the apparatus, but that hardly seems to matter.'
  29. 'The full colour catalogue with its detailed and informative text is a bonus though it is a pity that priced at R150.00, it is beyond the means of much of the local market.'
  30. 'All three of his gifts of collections have been accompanied by exhibitions and exhibition catalogues that Fred, working alongside curators and our publisher, has helped to research and fund.'
  31. 'The catalogues for each exhibition make significant contributions to existing scholarship.'
  32. 'Exhibition catalogues are now the chief way in which new academic research is published for a wide audience.'
  33. 'I just started college, and every course in the catalogue looks exciting.'
  34. 'Both course catalogs and class schedules were obtained from each college in the sample.'
  35. 'The course catalog listed the class as Osteoporosis Risk Reduction.'
  36. 'Inter-institutional courses increase a university's catalog of course offerings and each participating institution collects their own tuition.'
  37. 'Slightly over one half said they read college brochures or catalogs, and one in four said they visited college websites.'
  38. 'The exit test requirement was added to the catalog course descriptions for the three courses.'
  39. 'The course summaries in my university's catalog, the themes of the lecture series, and the editorial content of the student newspapers suggest that many students and faculty would agree.'
  40. 'Almost all universities have Web sites; many put descriptive material, course catalogs, application information, and more on the Internet.'
  41. 'The class was offered through the university's catalog for the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.'
  42. 'Before taking the job or even applying for it, I spent a morning at the school looking at the lab, browsing through the college catalog and talking to the students.'
  43. 'his life was a catalogue of dismal failures'
  44. 'There was just a series, a catalogue of disasters, culminating in the Hollywood cameraman's French sophisticated camera, falling over on the spot.'


Make a systematic list of (items of the same type)
  1. 'Michael inherited the collection from his late father and the Penny Postcards as they were then called are completely catalogued.'
  2. 'To be a positive historical asset, an object must be placed in the context of a museum collection, an archive, a library, or some other specially formed collection with cataloging, identification, and retrieval systems.'
  3. 'Only now, four years after the opening of the university's fine new library building, are these collections at last being catalogued, cleaned, and put in good order.'
  4. 'In 1997 all trees more than four metres high were catalogued with their botanical name, their common name, their country of origin and other information.'
  5. 'Most objects in space have been catalogued, numbered and named, but one type of mysterious object has yet to be classified - and they are known simply as ‘blobs’.'
  6. 'A project is being planned to systematically catalogue and annotate all human protein sequences, with reference to the sequenced genome.'
  7. 'All audit observations should be coded by type and significance, and all audits catalogued by scope and quality, over a three-year period.'
  8. 'In the second phase, some 60,000 cards that form core of the collection will be catalogued and made available online.'
  9. 'Prior to the purchase of the Szenics collection, approximately 525 specimens from Chile were catalogued in the Harvard mineral collection.'
  10. 'One file catalogues the names, addresses, birth dates, Social Security numbers, heights and weights of over four thousand cardiology patients, along with each medical procedure they underwent.'
  11. 'The report cataloguing the gruesome tally was classified secret.'
  12. 'A record 40 juvenile colts and geldings purchased from sales from around the world have been cataloged for the event that will be conducted by Keeneland Association.'
  13. 'the report catalogues dangerous work practices in the company'
  14. 'Studies conducted over the years catalogue many of its effects.'
  15. 'Somebody should have catalogued his increasingly belligerent rhetoric, compared and contrasted his statements to prior formulations, and laid out one or more plausible explanations for the change.'
  16. 'Moreover, their works catalogue some of the social processes in Europe over the past century.'
  17. 'Then there is the memorable, which must be catalogued and archived.'
  18. 'Why on Earth do they feel the need to catalogue every moment of their trip?'
  19. 'The speech catalogues a series of charges against Philip of Spain, which a contemporary audience would no doubt have recognised, if not with reference to specific incidents, then as a more general confirmation of their suspicions.'
  20. 'The film catalogs his other failures as teacher, father, provider, writer, and now dreamer.'
  21. 'This is far from being a work of mere trainspotting; in fact, in a strange way, it catalogues the architectural, social and economic history of modern Britain.'
  22. 'All I have done in this piece is, while cataloguing some of the achievements, point out that in total they do not add up to what was promised in the original prospectus.'

More definitions

1. a list or record, as of items for sale or courses at a university, systematically arranged and often including descriptive material: a stamp catalog.

2. something that contains such a list or record, as a book, leaflet, or file.

3. a list of the contents of a library or a group of libraries, arranged according to any of various systems.Compare card catalog, on-line catalog, union catalog.

4. any list or record: a catalog of complaints. verb (used with object), cataloged o

More examples(as adjective)

"systems can be cataloguing."

"inflows can be cataloguing."

"cablings can be cataloguing."


(catalog)Late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin catalogus, from Greek katalogos, from katalegein ‘pick out or enrol’.