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The removal of the testicles of a male animal or man.
  1. 'In the musical tradition of the early modern period in Europe, the castration of young male singers provided a higher-pitched voice to sing soprano roles.'
  2. 'This sect, which practiced castration of its members, existed until the early 1900s.'
  3. 'The veteran is later beaten and threatened with castration.'
  4. 'The castration of the enemy or the enemy's corpse in some societies was a means of transferring the power of the male warrior to the victor.'
  5. 'The technology platform also provides a nonsurgical alternative to castration for pets.'
  6. 'the inability to afford technology is economic castration'
  7. 'The act of limiting and controlling oneself here is not a castration of liberty.'
  8. 'We need to blame someone for the emotional castration we suffered.'

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1. to remove the testes of; emasculate; geld.

2. to remove the ovaries of.

3. Psychology. to render impotent, literally or metaphorically, by psychological means, especially by threatening a person's masculinity or femininity.

4. to deprive of strength, power, or efficiency; weaken: Without those ten new submarines, our navy will be castrated. noun

5. a castrated person or animal.

More examples(as adjective)

"motives can be castration."

"laws can be castration."

"cases can be castration."

"treatments can be castration."

"statutes can be castration."

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