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Throw (something) forcefully in a specified direction.
  1. 'the fishermen cast a large net around a school of tuna'
  2. 'He then took his books and staff and cast them into the sea, openly vowing to give up his long-held practice of sorcery.'
  3. 'They give up their particular claim to sovereignty and cast themselves on the waters.'
  4. 'While your heart may be set on the University of Michigan or Yale, cast your net wide.'
  5. 'Death and hell will be cast into the lake of fire.'
  6. 'Again, I have difficulty imagining anyone casting their contraceptives to the wind on hearing about this one.'
  7. 'There was to be no happy ending as her husband suddenly died leaving her a widow, a desperate state for any Indian woman as it cast her out of society and made her a non-person.'
  8. 'Our forebears were cast out from their homeland by the ruling class.'
  9. 'In short, historians very often have to cast their research net a lot wider in order to find evidence relating to a particular topic.'
  10. 'On putting it on she was cast into the water and later rescued.'
  11. 'The priest dribbled wine on the lamb's head, and meal and salt, then cut off some of the wool from between the horns and cast that on the altar fire.'
  12. 'Good thing, too, as we observe two fishermen casting lines nearby.'
  13. 'He had more chance of catching something in a jam jar than where he had cast his lines but we didn't have the heart to nip back and tell him.'
  14. 'Two men are sitting on the jetty, fixing bait to hooks and casting fishing-lines out into the water, chatting quietly in Spanish and sipping from bottles of Corona.'
  15. 'Even at that hour, the bay was already dotted with the boats of fishermen casting their lines.'
  16. 'Many a man will cast a line with several hooks hoping that at least one fish will bite, some play it courageously with all their luck on one hook.'
  17. 'Other times, resupply stations are available for you to cast your anchor at for repairs.'
  18. 'As a result, the ship's captain decides to pull up the sails and cast anchor for awhile until the wind returns.'
  19. 'When the anchor was cast, he left the vessel with a purple face.'
  20. with two objects 'she cast him a desperate glance'
  21. 'Ryann cast him a mournful glance, before walking back to the kitchen.'
  22. 'Sydney looks away, casting her eyes to the side rather than returning the gaze.'
  23. 'Toby shook his head and cast a quick, worried glance in Indy's direction.'
  24. 'Her touch, the hint - no more than that - of her body against mine, and the looks she occasionally cast up at me were all utterly, utterly feminine.'
  25. 'Jeremy cast a desperate look over his shoulder - where were the cameras?'
  26. 'He walked up the stairs and found Rena sitting on his bed and her eyes were cast down.'
  27. 'I look at him and nod before casting my eyes to the ground.'
  28. 'She hesitated, cast her eyes downward, and looked inexplicably sad.'
  29. 'Phin raised an eyebrow before shifting Steph off his shoulder and turning onto his side, casting Dev another thoughtful glance.'
  30. 'The sailors cluster together nervously, casting frightened glances towards the nearby dark trees.'
Cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface.
  1. 'When we reach the waterline, the full moon has risen, casting steely light over the boulders that Graham has strategically positioned along the shore.'
  2. 'The moon cast shadows of silver light, which lay in pools on the bedspread.'
  3. 'Helmet-mounted lights cast less shadow, which can mess with your depth perception.'
  4. 'Beneath the cloudy sky, the green and blue shade cast by the giant trees fell in a mottled pattern on the forest floor.'
  5. 'We have new blinds to put up when we're finished decorating, but in the meantime we've tacked an old sheet across the window to stop people from looking in, and it's casting an eerie blue glow around the room.'
  6. 'During a solar eclipse the Moon moves across the Sun, blocking its light and casting a shadow onto the Earth.'
  7. 'Before long I laid down and fell asleep, the sun still casting a red glow over the horizon.'
  8. 'The unremitting whiteness of the walls is anchored by a black marble floor that casts seductive glossy reflections and will age gracefully despite intense use.'
  9. 'His family was decimated by tuberculosis, casting a shadow over the rest of his life and career.'
  10. 'The posters were lit softly in the light, shadows cast in the corners farthest from the window.'
  11. 'journalists cast doubt on the government's version of events'
  12. 'Research in Glasgow has cast doubt on the mental and physical tasks that police have been using for three years to try to crack down on what is feared to be an epidemic of drug driving.'
  13. 'Aspersions were also cast over his longevity at the highest level of the game.'
  14. 'Right from the outset, the police cast doubt on the sabotage theory.'
  15. 'Some scientific experts cast doubt on the letter's authenticity.'
  16. 'What happens when any party in the process notes questionable behavior that casts doubt on an individual's fitness for ministry?'
  17. 'But criminal law experts have cast doubt on whether her actions amount to a crime under English law, and a prosecution seems unlikely.'
  18. 'Nor have I any intention of casting aspersions against whichever 20 writers make the list in January.'
  19. 'Both British and German intelligence officials cast doubt on the story.'
  20. 'Defence officials, however, have cast doubt on the authenticity of the pictures.'
  21. 'Parent groups also cast doubt on whether the idea was practical and whether it would have the desired effect.'
  1. 'You don't know whether to cast caution to the wind and make an offer, or wait to see if something better comes along.'
  2. 'If I cast from my mind every malefaction our people have committed, I will become a malefactor myself.'
  3. 'Of late I have cast my caution to the winds and ventured an answer to this most impossible of questions.'
  4. 'But when the last one ended, that anxiety was cast away.'
  5. 'Yet both courtyards call the resident gardeners to cast off clippers and broom and live in the garden itself: welcoming friends, soaking up sunshine, cherishing solitude.'
  6. 'After a few months in the goldfields, he had cast off genteel reserve and adopted the confident, tough-guy pose suited to his new status as a brash fortune-seeker.'
  7. 'The English department is a living graveyard of all the dead and discredited ideologies that have been cast off by other departments.'
  8. 'All past acquaintanceships, friendships, love affairs, punch-ups, and the like must be cast from the judges' minds.'
  9. 'That was the year when, casting off her teen-pop image, she scandalised polite society with the video for her new single.'
  10. 'The moose had started to cast their horns about Christmas time.'
  11. 'Lice seen on chairs, pillows, and hats are dead, sick, or elderly or are cast skins of lice - these cannot infect a person.'
  12. 'The male roe deer casts its antlers every winter.'
  13. 'The pony had cast its shoe and must be shod before next day.'
  14. 'Tied to his saddle is a sponge, for cooling him down, and a bag packed with hi - tech equine electrolytes, snacks and the horse equivalent of a spare tyre, a rubber boot in case he casts a shoe.'
Shape (metal or other material) by pouring it into a mould while molten.
  1. 'The background depicts a worker casting metal in a foundry's workshop.'
  2. 'Back in 1856, he patented a steel-making process for casting strip steel.'
  3. 'It casts molten silicon in moulds, just as metal components are cast.'
  4. 'A variety of materials such as stone, metal, and sandy clays have been used to form the mould in which metal is cast.'
  5. 'Virtually all copper alloys can be cast successfully by the centrifugal casting process.'
  6. 'It was also popular as a material for ornamentation, being versatile and easily shaped or cast into different patterns.'
  7. 'Aluminum is one of the few metals that can be cast by all of the processes used in casting metals.'
  8. 'And it is hoped the bells, which are to be cast in Holland, will be heard for the first time in September on the 150th anniversary of the founding of the village.'
  9. 'The source for this date is found in a petition for a bell to be cast in the year 840.'
  10. 'The dog, cast in bronze by a local sculptor, was erected in 1932 to commemorate the district's pioneer settlers.'
  11. 'The figurine could have been cast from a clay mould made with a bronze fitting of a jug handle or a steelyard weight.'
  12. 'Visitors were also shown vases that were cast from the same material and turned on a wood lathe.'
  13. 'A plaster mold was made when the body parts were to be cast in bronze metal because molten bronze would destroy a rubber mold.'
  14. 'Pins, buckles and discs were all being cast, but the moulds were mainly for penannular brooches.'
  15. 'Bells can be hollowed from wood or made from glass or ceramics, but most are cast or forged from metal.'
  16. 'Apart from being very difficult to cast a solid bronze figure without distortion, the weight would be a major problem.'
  17. 'For nearly a century, the text to be printed was cast in hot metal, using monotype to set single characters or linotype to set text line by line.'
  18. 'he issued statements cast in tones of reason'
  19. 'You don't see reporters cast in a good light anymore.'
  20. 'Behavior can usually be cast in positive or negative terms.'
Register (a vote)
  1. 'On Saturday week, 600,000 young people will cast their first ever vote in a federal election.'
  2. 'A vast number of early votes and absentee votes have been cast.'
  3. 'The company needs to gain 75 per cent of the vote that is cast at a general meeting in August.'
  4. 'The votes have been cast and the deadline of May 15 has long passed.'
  5. 'This is the first time that the union has has cast such a vote.'
  6. 'Fears that insufficient votes would be cast persisted up until the referendum took place on February 20.'
  7. 'It is, of course, utterly presumptuous to declare the race over before a single vote has been cast.'
  8. 'A total of 11,417 votes were cast in favour of a strike and 4,316 were cast against.'
  9. 'The poll was run from the council's website and votes could be cast either by computer or a mobile phone.'
  10. 'Ballot boxes will be left to gather dust in the June elections, as every vote will be cast by post.'
Cause (a magic spell) to take effect.
  1. figurative 'the city casts a spell on the visitor'
  2. 'By the time I came to work for Michael and Jan, their eighty acres had cast such a spell on them that they did not feel at ease anywhere else.'
  3. 'He was running low on his magic, but he was determined to cast one more spell.'
  4. 'An albino displayed in Paris in 1744 at an exhibition cast such a spell over the public that even Voltaire wrote an extensive description of the case.'
  5. 'A marriage certificate does not cast a magic spell of protection.'
  6. 'One of these spells, when cast successfully, can pretty well turn the tide of battle.'
  7. 'She then casts a sleep spell on the soldiers, too see what happens next.'
  8. 'A spell will be cast and he will become a squirrel for the rest of his life.'
  9. 'Her child, who would be born with the ability to wield magic, would not cast a single spell until certain conditions were met.'
  10. 'I shall cast a magic spell to transport us from the confines of these walls!'
  11. 'Without adequate meditation, she wouldn't have enough magic energy to cast a spell.'
Calculate and record details of (a horoscope)
  1. 'By 500BC, evidence of a Zodiac had been found and introduced, and personal horoscopes were being cast.'
  2. 'As Nick himself puts it, if this is how one sees astrology ‘one may just as easily roll a set of astro-dice as go to the bother of casting a horoscope’.'
  3. 'At the end I asked her if I could cast her horoscope.'
(in country dancing) change one's position by moving a certain number of places in a certain direction along the outside of the line in which one is dancing.
  1. 'Come back up to where you started and cast round one couple to progress.'
  2. 'Then the boy and the girl would cast down and circle with the bottom couple.'
(of a dog) search in different directions for a lost scent.
  1. 'Both dogs were casting in front of me when a mountain quail flushed from between my legs.'
  2. 'We have a special field Master, who is giving a commentary to those who are introduced to it to explain to them why the hounds are casting, what they are doing and all the difficulties and so forth.'
  3. 'This gave the Field a chance to catch up while the hounds cast back and picked up the line without help from the Master.'
  4. 'casting the hounds into cover, we stood and listened'
  5. 'The huntsman casts the hounds usually with the wind at his back.'
  6. 'Red-coated huntsmen drive and cast the dogs into promising spots with whoops and short blasts from a small fox horn.'
Immobilize (an animal, especially a cow) by using a rope to cause it to fall on its side.
  1. 'Casting the cow and placing her in dorsal recumbency may greatly facilitate extension of the fetal head.'

More definitions

1. to throw or hurl; fling: The gambler cast the dice.

2. to throw off or away: He cast the advertisement in the wastebasket.

3. to direct (the eye, a glance, etc.), especially in a cursory manner: She cast her eyes down the page.

4. to cause to fall upon something or in a certain direction; send forth: to cast a soft light; to cast a spell; to cast doubts.

5. to draw (lots), as in telling fortunes.

6. Angling. to throw out (a fishing lin

More examples(as adjective)

"meetings can be cast into doubts."

"stills can be cast in books."

"shares can be cast in/at/on years."

"shares can be cast in lights."

"shadows can be cast over perceptions."

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