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A sealed plastic unit containing a length of audio tape, videotape, film, etc. wound on a pair of spools, for insertion into a recorder, playback device, or other machine.
  1. 'Same thing with compact discs; weren't records or cassettes enough?'
  2. 'A qualification which might be made of that statement is that, from the listener's viewpoint, CDs are much easier to control than vinyl records or cassettes.'
  3. 'The screen tilts down at a touch of a button to reveal slots for playing compact disks and cassettes.'
  4. 'Its mostly cameras, a tape recorder, cassettes, and notebooks.'
  5. 'Members can also borrow music cassettes, spoken word cassettes, videos, maps and computer software.'
  6. 'The children will be collecting unwanted books, CD's, videos, cassettes and records to raise funds for Oxfam's work in Africa.'
  7. 'Music companies that produced and distributed both cassettes and compact discs tended to put the blame on royalty payments and operating costs.'
  8. 'Some of the stalls have devoted a good deal of space to cassettes and compact discs containing devotional music, inspirational songs and recorded discourses.'
  9. 'Did he release a cassette of lo-fi four-track recordings?'
  10. 'By the early 1970s, we were voraciously recording music onto blank cassettes: LPs, concerts, tunes from the radio.'

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1. Also called cassette tape. a compact case containing a length of magnetic tape that runs between two small reels: used for recording or playback in a tape recorder or cassette deck and by some small computer systems to store programs and data.Compare microcassette, minicassette.

2. an audio cassette or videocassette.

3. Photography. a lightproof metal or plastic container for a roll of film, having a single spool for supplying and rewinding the film.

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"players can be cassette."


Late 18th century: from French, diminutive of casse (see case).