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Displaying kindness and concern for others.
  1. 'To most of her friends and family she was a good mother and caring parent.'
  2. 'I found him to be a very caring, kind, considerate person and his support has been a great comfort to us all.'
  3. 'I was concerned however, but very glad to have a praying church behind me, and caring friends.'
  4. 'The staff are very caring, friendly and fun, and contribute hugely to the atmosphere of the place.'
  5. 'Wouldn't you think that a caring partner would look lovingly at a snoring partner and not prod?'
  6. 'Other key factors are good medical care, a strong support group and caring friends and family.'
  7. 'We happily remain committed and caring friends with great love and admiration for one another.'
  8. 'He was a loving, caring man, the court was told, but could become moody and aggressive.'
  9. 'Asda has been showing its caring side by giving away gifts to homeless people in Trowbridge this week.'
  10. 'She was such a caring person who never gave a second thought about helping others.'


The work or practice of looking after those unable to care for themselves, especially on account of age or illness.
  1. 'What I heard, and saw a little when the curtains were drawn back, was a moving culture of caring.'
  2. 'Trained volunteers will take over the strain of caring, from just a few hours a week to a full week at a time.'
  3. 'In the last year there has been a significant increase in demand for some of the most acute areas of our caring.'
  4. 'In the eyes of society, and the caring services, old age is the most unattractive part of the service.'
  5. 'At the age of four she provides employment for at least one full time equivalent in the caring services.'
  6. 'Laura says she has no problem with her caring role and has time to see her friends and take part in outside activities.'


1. a state of mind in which one is troubled; worry, anxiety, or concern: He was never free from care.

2. a cause or object of worry, anxiety, concern, etc.: Their son has always been a great care to them.

3. serious attention; solicitude; heed; caution: She devotes great care to her work.

4. protection; charge: He is under the care of a doctor.

5. temporary keeping, as for the benefit of or until claimed by the owner: He left his valuables in the care of friends. Address my

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"teachers can be caring in/at/on days."

"sufferers can be caring for families."

"somes can be caring for dependents."

"people can be caring to faults."

"people can be caring since deaths."

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