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Relating to or resembling goats.
  1. 'I stared at his crazy caprine eyes for several long moments.'
  2. 'Further evidence for ceremonial feasting is indicated by the presence of quantities of cattle and caprine bones in funerary contexts.'
  3. 'Kids get some as they grow, but the ‘teenagers’ - caprine heifers - get none until the last few weeks of pregnancy.'
  4. 'For example, the portico's cornice, which in Egypt would exhibit cobra head uraei, is surmounted instead by a row of bearded caprine heads.'
  5. 'Even my law-and-order father loosens up, providing the appropriate barnyard noises that accompany the singing of Chad Gadya (‘One kid that father bought’ - of the caprine persuasion).'
  6. 'His robe has come undone in the process, exposing his caprine lower half.'


1. of or relating to goats.

More examples(as adjective)

"people/places/organizations can be caprine."

"services can be caprine."

"meats can be caprine."

"lips can be caprine."


Late Middle English: from Latin caprinus, from caper, capr- ‘goat’.