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Be able to.
  1. 'I could hear footsteps'
  2. 'From the ridge he could see for miles in all directions as the horizon stretched away into the misty mountains.'
  3. 'If you are not working but can still afford it, consider contributing to your pension.'
  4. 'What they want is one or two books a week which sell in thousands, pretty much as fast as they can unpack them.'
  5. 'Dedicating a room to formal dining and nothing else is a luxury most of us can ill afford.'
  6. 'Anyone can drive fast, what's more important is how good you car looks when it stops.'
  7. 'The gallery is full of extraordinary art with price tags people can actually afford.'
  8. 'His wife and family did what they could to make life bearable, but his loneliness remained.'
  9. 'Somehow the gap between what can be afforded and the price of houses must be bridged.'
  10. 'As well as losing her speech, Holly's eyesight is fading fast and she can no longer walk.'
  11. 'They rip up old track quickly and lay new track much faster than can be completed by hand.'
  12. 'The challenge for me is first to make the final and then to go as fast as I can.'
  13. 'Why does Paul use a translator to communicate with a man whose language he can speak?'
  14. 'They let me work for them because they need people who can speak lots of languages.'
  15. 'I was raised around horses and could ride before I could walk.'
  16. 'His greatest skill is that he can cook a meal of four dishes and a soup in less than half an hour in the field.'
  17. 'While she could play a few instruments and sing quite well, his daughter had no interest whatsoever in being a musician.'
  18. 'I've been playing football since I could walk.'
  19. 'You just know that as soon as he can speak, he's going to be asked what he thinks of Joe being his father.'
  20. 'there are many ways holidaymakers can take money abroad'
  21. 'You can usually choose the date for your operation, which is very rarely cancelled.'
  22. 'You simply get to choose a smaller portion of any of the main courses, or you can choose to share a main course.'
  23. 'Now I don't have too big a problem with all this as I can choose to read as much or as little as I want too.'
  24. 'The fund can be used for any purpose determined by the Secretary of the Treasury.'
  25. 'Do you have a file on him I could take a look at?'
  26. 'Well, maybe it isn't fair that one very rich man can use his money to buy any player his club chooses.'
  27. 'There are a number of practical considerations governing the kind of tree we can choose.'
  28. 'We also need your name and a phone number so we can contact you as you might be needed to be a witness.'
  29. 'She can even check the timetable on her mobile phone to find out if Darren's bus has left on time.'
  30. 'If that's true for you, then take a look at the wide variety of accessories you can choose from.'
  31. 'You have a right to be offended by that, and if you are you can choose not to buy the records.'
  32. 'he can't have finished'
  33. 'What could be more perverse than playing hard to get when looking for the one we can really open up to?'
  34. 'What can Blackburn offer these areas that their existing councils fail to provide?'
  35. 'How misguided can you be to choose to eat your lunch in a place that has always been noted for pigeons?'
  36. 'How in that case, can the sky simply open and pour upon a whole big city hour after hour after hour of rain?'
  37. 'How many Japanese mobile phone owners can want to know about North London happenings?'
  38. 'Who but the most resentful can seriously doubt that he, too, belongs on that list?'
  39. 'antique clocks can seem out of place in modern homes'
  40. 'Just as easily as she could be annoying, she could turn around and be cute the next second.'
  41. 'A rugby career only lasts so long, but friends you make can be useful in later life.'
  42. 'Inscriptions in public places can also indicate the social status of the artist.'
  43. 'When group thinking manifests itself in the form of group knowledge, then it can be a good thing.'
  44. 'A little adrenaline can be useful but stress is generally not healthy or helpful.'
  45. 'Previous research has already indicated that vitamin C can do harm as well as good.'
Be permitted to.
  1. 'nobody could legally drink on the premises'
  2. 'The men will also face restrictions on who they can meet and on access to mobile phones and the internet.'
  3. 'Signal controlled crossings mean pedestrians can only cross when permitted to do so.'
  4. 'At this time, civilians could not buy and operate surplus military aircraft in Australia.'
  5. 'Secondly, the bigger casinos will need to get a regional licence before they can open.'
  6. 'You are told that you can open the door at any time you wish, but only once, and only briefly.'
  7. 'Some other places can stay open for longer because they have an entertainment licence.'
Used to request someone to do something.
  1. 'can't you leave me alone?'
  2. 'Could you not stick to what I actually said?'
  3. 'He emerged from the shop empty handed, and said: I'm sorry, can you lend me £6?'
  4. 'Could you do me a favor?'
  5. 'Alice, can't you please offer any advice or give me a hand to overcome these uncontrollable urges?'
  6. 'Can't you go outside for a minute?'
  7. 'You can try calling him if you want to.'
  8. 'Michael said he could take me and Christie home.'
  9. 'Once again, can I reiterate my offer to Mrs Fell to go through any problems she has.'
  10. 'I can go a lot slower if you want.'


A cylindrical metal container.
  1. 'a can of paint'
  2. 'Use old coffee cans for storing paint brushes and crayons.'
  3. 'In the close confines, she tripped over some paint cans.'
  4. 'All kinds of plastic packaging, metal cans, and other rubbish entangle and strangle sea turtles, sea birds, sea lions and fish.'
  5. 'Their prime customer, a manufacturer of metal cans, was delighted.'
  6. 'Each student needs two metal cans with lids (a 5-gallon can and l-gallon can).'
  7. 'The number of paint cans was unbelievable, and there were many different chemical compounds from oven cleaner to fertilizers, all free for the taking.'
  8. 'He looked at the two of them, then looked at all the metal cans on the floor of the opposite side of the room, as well as the burn marks along the wall.'
  9. 'It's not like a screwdriver, which you at least can use to pry a paint can open.'
  10. 'The burglars made off with two 20-litre petrol cans and a welding machine.'
  11. 'There was a small crowd at the gate, with metal cans, who had come to collect milk.'
  12. 'Green, clear and brown glass, steel food cans and aluminium cans may be recycled at this venue.'
  13. 'Empty bottles, cans and food containers are just chucked in the bushes and along the pavements, and while Belle Vue Gardens are being revamped the litter is thrown in there.'
  14. 'Cut open the loops on plastic binding which holds beer and soft drinks cans together so wildlife cannot get tangled up in them'
  15. 'It is made entirely of aluminum beer and soda cans, their labels badly bleached over the years by the intense Texas sun.'
  16. 'Recycling centre users are reminded that the facility is only to be used for glass and aluminium drink cans.'
  17. 'The relocating of the Bring Centre seems to have had the desired effect as much greater use is now being made of the containers to dispose of drink and food cans and clear brown and green glass.'
  18. 'The litter, plastic bags, food wrappers and cold drink and beer cans in front of the post office are still there.'
  19. 'Similarly, beer and soft drink cans, booze bottles and empty jars can all be recycled.'
  20. 'The waste matter for the blue bin includes papers, magazines, cardboard, food tins, aluminium drink cans, milk cartons and plastic bottles.'
  21. 'Organic soups come in all different packaging - steel cans, aseptic cartons, glass jars and dried-soup cups.'
  22. 'he drank two cans of lager'
  23. 'Cole rummaged around in the drawer to find a spoon and peered under the sink to find the dry food and cans of food.'
  24. 'He strained his eyes in the poor light, trying to read the labels on the cans of food - bake beans, canned spaghetti, baby corn, pumpkin soup and beetroot.'
  25. 'We very rarely have aluminium cans at home and probably the only time we would have any would be if we bought cans of drink whilst out for the day.'
  26. 'The crazy guy, on a dare, drank five cans of Coke in under ten minutes.'
  27. 'Slamming and reopening the cupboards below the sink several times, he finally produced a large bag of dog food and several cans of soft puppy food.'
  28. 'A long-time friend of Mark said he drank up to 20 cans of lager a day and had a tempestuous relationship with Claire.'
  29. 'It was not just the larger stores who experienced an upsurge in sales as town centre shops became a hive of activity with people stocking up on everything from cans of cold drinks to fans.'
  30. 'Mr Barton said he and Mr Whitelock, who had been friends since they were 12, had drunk cans of lager and alcopops earlier that evening in a field behind Mr Whitelock's house.'
  31. 'Fill a basket with a water bottle, hair-holding accessories and cans of a high-energy drink.'
  32. 'I wonder if I should go buy some extra cans of tinned food?'
  1. 'I felt badly about not telling her about the stretch of time I spent in the can, but she was probably better off not knowing.'
  2. 'While he may not have a violent crime on record, he's spent plenty of time in the can for other offenses.'
  3. 'Monty appears to have changed, but what will he be like after seven years in the can?'
The toilet.
      A woman's breasts.


        Preserve (food) in a can.
        1. 'Corn, tomatoes, and green beans could all be easily canned as could sweet potatoes when packed in syrup.'
        2. 'Sometimes when I'd drive by late at night, I'd see him up canning tomatoes or making everyone's lunch for the next day.'
        3. 'You can preserve your sauce by canning it in sterilized pint jars in a hot water bath for 35 minutes.'
        4. 'Disregarding the value of your labor, canning homegrown food may save you half the cost of buying commercially canned food.'
        5. 'Some food companies now are canning vegetables with no salt added.'
        6. 'Excess berries, should you ever reach that point, can be frozen, canned or made into jam.'
        7. 'Eat dried fruits or those that are canned in their own juices.'
        8. 'The fruit is to be canned in chunks, slices, titbits and juice.'
        9. 'Often, coho are either sold frozen or canned by commercial fisherman.'
        10. 'By the 1880s canned foods had an important place in popular diet.'
        Dismiss from a job.
        1. 'Now, compare that treatment with the fate of conservative talk show hosts punished or canned for controversial speech.'
        2. 'If we're suspending officials for game-changing calls, someone needs to get canned for one of the worst calls we've seen.'
        3. 'A county wastewater employee says he was canned for speaking out against a private company.'
        4. 'First off, I got canned from my security job at the warehouse.'
        5. 'Needless to say he was canned along with his boss and dismissed from government work'
        6. 'Smarty-pants David gets canned for being smug and superior.'
        7. 'A $3.5-million cleanup project was canned in May 2000 for feasibility problems.'
        8. 'Mr Boman said although the June quarter was traditionally slower than the March quarter, the sales slowdown could result in some projects being canned.'

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        1. to be able to; have the ability, power, or skill to: She can solve the problem easily, I'm sure.

        2. to know how to: He can play chess, although he's not particularly good at it.

        3. to have the power or means to: A dictator can impose his will on the people.

        4. to have the right or qu

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        "retailers can be can during summers."

        "retailers can be can during periods."

        "leads can be can."

        "sectors can be can."

        "retailers can be can."

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        (can)Old English canne, related to Dutch kan and German Kanne; either of Germanic origin or from late Latin canna.


        can it
        a can of worms
        in the can