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Not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions.
  1. 'his voice was calm'
  2. 'Hallie's expression remained the same, dangerously calm and indifferent.'
  3. 'The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body and a calm mind.'
  4. 'Being subtle, you prefer to mask deep emotions with a calm surface.'
  5. 'As I see it, it is vital that you keep calm and happy so our baby will have a chance to get off to a good start in life.'
  6. 'He wanted to be calm and strong in his expression of feeling to her.'
  7. 'She spoke with a calm voice, not surrendering any sign of the emotional state she'd been in just moments earlier.'
  8. 'It made for such an emotional and yet very calm routine.'
  9. 'Natalia stared back with a cool and calm expression to combat Jade's anger flashing in all her features.'
  10. 'You mask passion with a calm surface and casual behavior.'
  11. '‘Let us not get carried away by the emotions but look at it with a calm head in the context of the figures,’ he added.'
  12. 'Police disclosed that the town was calm and peaceful, and no complaints or damage from the tourists were reported so far.'
  13. 'He slowly pushed open the door, to find a quiet, calm room in which he had not been for nearly a year.'
  14. 'Above all, the Robert Ogden School wants to create a safe, comfortable, and calm environment for its pupils.'
  15. 'The building offers a calm haven in which to study art and enjoy views of the countryside.'
  16. 'They strive to create a calm environment to eliminate fear.'
  17. 'It's around this time Mum arrived at the hospital in a flurry of excitement and colour, dispelling the calm atmosphere Lucas and I had achieved.'
  18. 'The atmosphere is calm and low-key, with as few distractions as possible to enable the pupils to learn how to prepare and serve food.'
  19. 'The calm atmosphere wraps around you like a comforting blanket as you find yourself reflecting upon the weekend.'
  20. 'The Superdome started out as a pretty calm environment.'
  21. 'Despite his ill temper, however, every day that he spends in the calm atmosphere of the peaceful village seems to soften him.'
(of the weather) pleasantly free from wind.
  1. 'When the wind blows, it can be a fearsome proposition, yet, like all links, it is vulnerable when the weather is calm and placid.'
  2. 'One brilliantly calm, cool summer evening, one of the trustees decides to take us around the campus.'
  3. 'In winter the visibility can be excellent after calm spells of weather.'
  4. 'It's been a calm day so far, but now the wind kicks up.'
  5. 'This is why high-pressure systems tend to bring bright, sunny days with calm weather.'
  6. 'Some of these failures occur during perfectly calm weather.'
  7. 'It seemed like a perfect place to free your mind from all of life's troubles and just stare out at the open, calm sky that wasn't too far off.'
  8. 'I felt the warmth of the Arctic sun on a calm summer's day, the smooth hide of a newly skinned Harp seal, and the insulating fur of the Polar bear.'
  9. 'Despite the area's nickname, the weather looks rather calm.'
  10. 'In New Zealand lake water can be stored while wind power is available and used in calm weather.'
  11. 'a dead calm sea'
  12. 'The first week, they sailed the luxurious 44-foot Hazana east in calm seas.'
  13. 'I'd do a brief but deep meditation - start by visualising a calm sea and synchronising your breath to the waves.'
  14. 'One of the two boats bobs up and down on the calm sea.'
  15. 'The light winds and calm water conditions made fishing difficult at times, but large numbers of fish were seen moving.'
  16. 'We sailed off into the nothingness of the flat calm sea.'
  17. 'Children waded into the calm sea, or played on the smooth, round rocks on the beach.'
  18. 'The fog, though, doesn't slow the vessel down, as it skims across a calm sea at breakneck speed.'
  19. 'The ship rocked slowly as the calm sea moved beneath them.'
  20. 'Over 300,000 were rescued from the beaches, and brought safely across exceptionally calm seas.'
  21. 'In the second decade Patinir established a formula for the painting of calm seas, while interest in depicting stormy seas came later.'


The absence of strong emotions; calm feelings.
  1. 'It communicates a tremendous sense of calm, love, and longing for the infinite.'
  2. 'What he didn't realise was that her calm was steelier than usual because she'd just found out she was pregnant with her first child and had decided that she was not going to let anything stress her out.'
  3. 'He was typically in a much better mood than he had experienced earlier despite his usual reserved calm.'
  4. 'The words stung, and I forced my face into its normal smooth calm, determined not to let her know that she could hurt me so easily.'
  5. 'My life is a roller coaster of fear and fearlessness, of calm and panic.'
  6. 'Ignoring their screams, I tried to maintain some semblance of calm, despite the storm raging about inside.'
  7. 'Gordon - whose gentle, unhurried manner lulls one into a feeling of calm - says a placid nature is essential for the job, but he is realistic about the rewards it brings.'
  8. 'Like Meryl Streep, she can convey the turmoil beneath an implacable surface, and when Cathy's calm and control desert her she is devastatingly believable.'
  9. 'He affected the dazed calm of a man beyond grief and outrage.'
  10. 'The horse looked at him with her usual calm, but he was certain she still felt the strain of the long ride from Ashford Manor.'
  11. 'the elections proceeded in an atmosphere of relative calm'
  12. 'Talks to stabilize a shaky truce have led to relative calm interspersed with intense bouts of fighting and air strikes.'
  13. 'Those measures led to a decade of relative calm and considerable socio-economic development.'
  14. 'Moments of relative calm often pre-empt more abrupt and ferocious constructions.'
  15. 'After a period of relative calm, things are beginning to get hectic all over again for Allison.'
  16. 'Several months of relative calm ensued, to the relief of the exhausted French.'
  17. 'Forecasters warn, however, that this year's relative calm is no reason for coastal residents to drop their guard.'
  18. 'I took advantage of the relative calm and went to find the telephone.'
  19. 'The relative calm in the camps means the process of healing can begin.'
  20. 'This we were able to do in an atmosphere of calm and peace.'
  21. 'In the final analysis they want peace, calm, Zen and relaxation.'
The absence of wind.
  1. 'As the eye of the cyclone crossed the coast at Coolangatta there was a brief calm, and air pressure dropped to 973 hPa.'
  2. 'There has been sunshine, hail, rain, sleet, wind and calm all within minutes of each other, but more often at the same time; a tangible oxymoron.'
  3. 'The crew has been called out in all weathers - from absolute calm to hurricane force winds - and has saved many lives and also had to deal with tragedies.'
  4. 'France sent a massive sixty-four-vessel armada to Louisbourg, only to have it disrupted en route by storms, calms, and disease.'
  5. 'This time conditions were completely different with a flat calm and a rather dull day.'
  6. 'Chairat managed two races, encountering wind shifts of 180 degrees, alternating between storms and dead calms.'
  7. 'His early timekeepers were controlled by pendulums but, in anything but a flat calm, their going was most erratic.'
  8. 'The big challenge ahead is the notorious Doldrum belt, where the trade winds in the northern hemisphere cancel out those to the south, producing a vast area of squalls and calms where boats can stall for days.'
  9. 'Sailors in a dead calm know the awful loneliness of the open sea.'
  10. 'Conditions will range from the calms and energy-sapping heat of the northern hemisphere to the icebergs, storms and monumental seas of the southern oceans.'


Make (someone) tranquil and quiet; soothe.
  1. 'The incident ended after several policemen calmed the crowd and dismissed them.'
  2. 'To some extent, the extra responsibility calmed him down, although he still had his moments.'
  3. 'As crazy as it may sound at such a moment filled with terror and excitement, she calmed me.'
  4. 'That day, any time I got scared she was holding my hand and calming me without even realizing it.'
  5. 'Another friend calmed Smith down and he then invited everybody back to his home.'
  6. 'It calmed me so much so that I was totally unalarmed when I saw a large black spider go scuttling by along the wainscotting.'
  7. 'After eventually calming the woman down and assuring her they mean no harm they take her to shelter in a nearby house.'
  8. 'Strangely, the song calmed people down and stopped them from running too far.'
  9. 'Anne's cool demeanor immediately calmed her but not her emphatic reply.'
  10. 'The tranquil voice of her aunt calmed Elizabeth and she forgot all about her troubles with Odessa and Marilee.'
  11. 'gradually I calmed down and lost my anxiety'
  12. 'I think I'm finally calming down a little bit, although I do still feel somewhat keyed up.'
  13. 'The officers bring him to the patrol car, and the family calms down, but still they ask the officers for an explanation.'
  14. 'After five minutes, and after he uses my tissues, he calms down.'
  15. 'After he talks for a while he generally calms down and we have a good chat.'
  16. 'She calms down only when the boy's mother explains to her what kind of villainy her father played in their life.'
  17. 'When the drugs take affect she calms down and stops yelling.'
  18. 'He starts every episode all fired up about putting the shopkeeper away, but usually calms down by the end, even though everybody's dead by then.'
  19. 'I was very worried over the weekend, but I'm calming down a bit.'
  20. 'You will find as the mind calms down, the breath and heart will become quieter and calmer.'
  21. 'The postal worker calms down and resumes stamping packages.'

The Department of Conservation and Land Management.
  1. 'The whale was guided into a sling alongside a CALM vessel in preparation for moving the animal into deeper water where whales of this type are more commonly found.'
  2. 'The western border of the fire had been contained and CALM was waiting for the fire to extinguish itself.'
  3. 'They'll use a mobile offshore production unit and a floating storage and offloading vessel moored to a CALM buoy.'
  4. 'The historical account is edited by two senior CALM naturalists.'
  5. 'It is on the threatened species list and officers from CALM have been very diligent in keeping specimens alive.'


1. without rough motion; still or nearly still: a calm sea.

2. not windy or stormy: a calm day.

3. free from excitement or passion; tranquil: a calm face; a calm manner. noun

4. freedom from motion or disturbance; stillness.

5. Meteorology. wind speed of less than 1 mile per hour (0.447 m/sec).

6. freedom from agitation, excitement, or passion; tranquillity; serenity: She faced the possibility of death with complete calm. verb (used with object)

7. to

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"places can be calm on dates."

"markets can be calm in/at/on todays."

"protests can be calm in places."

"markets can be calm in/at/on mornings."

"markets can be calm with policies."

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Late Middle English: via one of the Romance languages from Greek kauma ‘heat (of the day)’.


the calm before the storm