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Reluctant to give information owing to caution or suspicion.
  1. 'Tassie is cagey about the worth of his license, but the 30 or so permits in his zone are worth more than $4 million each.'
  2. 'At lunchtime, he snuck off, being very cagy about where he was to have lunch.'
  3. 'He is intent on making people look good but not necessarily beautiful in his work and achieves this by capturing secretive, edgy or cagey subjects.'
  4. 'She is cagey about the terminology, though, and doesn't use it in the book.'
  5. 'It's just a case of playing cagey, going careful, and not overstretching yourself.'
  6. 'While some were cagey, to say the least, others had no such problems.'
  7. 'Suddenly, caution was the watchword and she grew cagey and defensive, waiting for the chances to land in her lap.'
  8. 'So they are cagey about letting the common herd assess their work.'
  9. 'The staff was cagy, but confirmed my suspicion with slight, knowing expressions and small tight smiles of sympathy.'
  10. 'He's acting mighty cagey for a guy who just reads the papers, don't you think?'


1. cagey. cagey or cagy [key-jee] /ˈkeɪ dʒi/ Spell Syllables adjective, cagier, cagiest.

1. cautious, wary, or shrewd: a cagey reply to the probing question.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be cagy."

"ints can be cagy."


Early 20th century (originally US): of unknown origin.