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(of a woman) plump, with a full figure and large breasts.
  1. 'Before he could focus on the living room crammed with people, he was pounced on by a short, chubby, buxom woman who hugged him fiercely.'
  2. 'He ditched her later for some blond buxom groupie.'
  3. 'There is a whole lot more to this buxom lady than just the girl seen running on the beach with the lemon tresses.'
  4. 'At eighteen, she was delightfully short, slightly buxom, and full of youthful vigor.'
  5. 'Pictures of buxom women on ballads could be a selling point for a male audience - and a female one too if the pictures actually described the latest fashions.'
  6. 'He bashed up the competition, and slurped in the direction of a buxom heroine.'
  7. 'Men of a certain age wooed blonde, buxom women a generation younger.'
  8. 'I trail after the buxom nurse sewn into her uniform.'
  9. 'He turned to face his buxom maid on the far side of the bar.'
  10. 'She's a buxom lady with deft fingers and a can-do attitude, and we find her huddled over a clay screen at the village hall in Litton, one of the happiest little hamlets in the Peak District.'


1. (of a woman) full-bosomed.

2. (of a woman) healthy, plump, cheerful, and lively.

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"wives can be buxom to wights."

"people can be buxom."

"wives can be buxom."

"youngs can be buxom."

"wencheses can be buxom."

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Middle English: from the stem of Old English būgan ‘to bend’ (see bow) + -some. The original sense was ‘compliant, obliging’, later ‘lively and good-tempered’, influenced by the traditional association of plumpness and good health with an easy-going nature.