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  1. 'They are located out in the burbs and exurbs, you need a car to get to them: they contribute to sprawl.'
  2. 'We had a quick conversation about the joys of toddlerhood, and he noted that he was moving back to this neighborhood after a year in the burbs.'
  3. 'It is no longer enough to move to the burbs and pretend everything is OK.'
  4. 'An old blanket factory, where conditions were no doubt hot, noisy and itchy, will now be home to empty-nesters pouring into downtown from the burbs.'
  5. 'But the biggest difference between the burbs of Chicago and Manhattan's Washington Square Park is more subtle that that.'
  6. 'When I heard the news I grabbed the camera and ran to the burbs; got there at rush hour and snapped off a dozen shots.'
  7. 'Picturesque and historic as it is, it'll never come back until you block off freeway access to the burbs, and force people downtown at gunpoint.'
  8. 'We didn't come from Philly, but we did come from the burbs.'
  9. 'The yuppies in the burbs of Austin, Houston and Dallas don't have anything to worry about, and if they did, they would just sell their house for a profit.'
  10. 'But, since we moved out to the burbs after my show ended, he changed schools and started out as a fresh first-grader again.'

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1. suburb.

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"directors can be burb."