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A vagrant.
  1. 'Abroad, the cultural influence has been vast, from The Beachcombers' Relic, to rappers, bums and crooks the world over.'
  2. 'Friday was spent weaving through filth encrusted bums passed-out in the gutter, as I took a therapeutic tour of some of the wicked (yet pretty pouncy) shops in the Valley.'
  3. 'You're not condemned to a life of rolling down the window and asking bums for directions.'
  4. 'Film makers Ray Laticia and Ty Beeson, both recent graduates of the California film schools, have marketed the video as a chance to see ‘drunk bums beating each other silly’.'
  5. 'What do a down-and-out bum and a publishing house employee have in common?'
  6. 'People called bums and derelicts in the 20s and 30s had some of the best-paying, most secure jobs in industrial America by the 50s and 60s.'
  7. 'So we dressed up for Halloween as gypsies and bums and hobos (the latter two later known as The Homeless) and other stereotypical costumes.'
  8. 'He seemed frustrated and said, ‘I know I'm supposed to walk on the curb side, but in San Francisco all the bums are on the inside.’'
  9. 'In response, he created Bowery Derelicts - a group of drunken bums, inspired by people he saw every day across from his apartment.'
  10. 'For certified ski bums - or folks who want to look the part - we recommend the Primo Moc Gore-Tex by Merrell.'
  11. 'The amount of sinister looking bums and wandering pedestrians was in shorter stock here, the sidewalks mostly filled by a few meandering tourists who had gotten an early start on their shopping.'
  12. 'That I knew she wasn't the lazy bum she wanted everyone to think.'
  13. 'It having been the winter and me having been the lazy bum that I am, it's been awhile since I shaved my legs.'
  14. 'Because you are the laziest, most good-for-nothing bums, collection of bums, I've seen in a long time.'
  15. 'I would really like to thank each and every one of you personally, but I'm a lazy bum.'
  16. 'Anzuko laughed, ‘And Kenji grew up to be a real lazy bum who couldn't even string a bow.’'
  17. 'Much to his surprise, dad is released early on Christmas Eve, but he's still a worthless bum.'
  18. 'Although she had her own money, she wasn't going to support a lazy bum that had no job or career.'
  19. 'Do you think Santa flew all the way here and left these presents so you can sleep in like lazy bums?'
  20. 'But he also has the whiners, loafers, jonesers, and all of the no-good lazy bums, male and female, without a work ethic opposing his every move.'
  21. 'I make no apologies for being a lazy, unfocused bum who fritters away opportunities.'
A person who devotes a great deal of time to a specified activity.
  1. 'All our group of climbing bums, world travelers, and NOLS instructors had in common was lack of experience - and keen interest in backcountry mountain skiing.'
  2. 'Photographs taken by the Pigs on the Hill, a dedicated group of ski bums, show off the region's extreme backcountry trails and ski touring terrain.'
  3. 'Serious ski bums will do anything - washing pots, cleaning toilets - if there is the promise of a free lift pass for the season in return.'
  4. 'Surfer was the comically subversive tale of a group of ski bums (the Slackers) visited by a mysterious stranger who skis magically and imparts mystical knowledge.'
  5. 'I mean, my dad is in his sixties, rides motorcycles and is still a ski bum.'
  6. 'It's heavy and warm, with a waterproof exterior, so it might be useful for gadget-toting ski bums, bicyclists, and hikers.'
  7. 'There's an awkward friction between Miller, rollicking ski bum of the people, and the exclusivity of a place like the Yellowstone Club.'
  8. 'And now they're still ski bums, says somebody out there.'
  9. 'Growling in from left is Warren Miller, the puckish godfather of extreme-ski cinema and our nation's original ski bum.'


Travel with no particular purpose.
  1. 'After college, Steve bummed around Europe on the Railpass junket for a few months.'
  2. 'There's also Ian, a tutor who'd been previously bumming around Europe for years and now seduces the more attractive of the students to whom he teaches English.'
  3. 'He spent 15 years bumming around Canada working on trucks, ships and at mines.'
  4. 'Following graduation, he bummed around the world for four years.'
  5. 'During the undergraduate years Paul had been working on building sites in Reading, saving up money to go to Australia and bum around for a year.'
  6. 'Upon graduating, she plans to defer college for a year and go abroad, not to study or even bum around Europe but to squat in an abandoned building in London, like a true punk.'
  7. 'It took a phone call from Rewpert, who continues to excel at bumming around (he's in Wales), for me to realize why the B's refuse to talk to me while they're on vacation.'
  8. 'A failed actor with a history of alcoholism, Treadwell bummed around California until, he claims, he awoke from a blackout to discover a bear looming over him.'
  9. 'People - most of whom, as far I can discover in conversation later, are Australians bumming around Europe on some gap year experience - pass to and fro.'
  10. 'She's off to Spain for all of Feb, staying with friends and bumming around learning Spanish, and she's keeping her rented room on the go while she's away.'
  11. 'Find someone to watch the dog and there you are, bumming around the Continent with your buddy.'
  12. 'I refuse to pay your way as you bum around and ruin not only mine but also, and especially, your own life.'
  13. 'After lunch we continued the drive around the bays and then took Vicky and Sally back home, and then just came home ourselves and bummed around for the afternoon.'
  14. 'So find that medium between style and comfort because if you focus too much on style, you'll never want to or even be able to just bum around.'
  15. 'After paying cash for the accessory, and helping Mum back to her car with the coffee machine, I bummed around Hornsby some more, waiting for Rick to finish work to go to the pub for a couple.'
  16. 'We bummed around town for a little bit and then stopped at another pub on the edge of the lake, and had a beer.'
  17. 'Warren now says that he bummed around until he was 27 and then fell into boxing by chance after lending money, twice, to a pal to promote unlicensed fights and when it didn't come back, stepped in to do it himself.'
  18. 'I went to the City College of Art and bummed around in rock bands for most of my early 20s, even most of my late 20s.'
  19. 'I bummed around a bit, intending to go abroad but never really got together the cash.'
  20. 'He walked over to a small arcade next, where he just played games and bummed around for a while.'
  21. 'Ten-year-olds don't bum around with sixteen year olds, especially not members of the opposite sex.'
Get by asking or begging.
  1. 'Asked what got them started, the girls both say spending time with friends who smoke and bumming an occasional cigarette.'
  2. 'I bummed a lift up to Hornsby with Rick as a few of the SES guys were up there having a couple of quiet drinks.'
  3. 'But is this really the best travel deal since bumming a ride - or just a painful reminder that you get what you pay for?'
  4. 'However, within a month of bumming a ride home with Mittler Racing from a 2001 Indianapolis truck race, he was hanging around the shop, eventually being invited to turn test laps.'
  5. 'Security cameras capture me every day crossing streets, paying for my milk, kissing my girlfriend in an elevator, bumming a cigarette from a friend outside a building.'
  6. 'Unlike that guy who sits in front of 7-11 every day, bumming cigarettes and asking for handouts, I go to work.'
  7. 'I suddenly had nicotine craving though, and bummed a cigarette off Nikki.'
  8. 'We took pictures, bummed cigarettes from other people in the crowd, and waited impatiently for the band to come on.'
  9. 'But he never stops scuffling, even when bumming a ride on the rails from Chicago to San Francisco.'


Of poor quality; bad or wrong.
  1. 'Not one bum track on this album and I was in heaven playing it.'
  2. 'The only thing I was thinking at the time was what a bloody bum deal I was getting.'
  3. 'In a way it is strange to be so upset over an object, but a musical instrument is always more than just another thing, especially a well-loved guitar with a long personal history, shared bum notes and all.'
  4. 'And if you do come and see us live, sorry for the mucked up intros, the bum notes.'
  5. 'The characters themselves are as solid as can be, with not one cast member hitting a bum note.'
  6. 'Since Paul Harvey is not usually considered to be a purveyor of bum dope, I believe what he says about this balloon scheme.'
  7. 'Well we all hit bum notes, no matter how good you are.'
  8. 'Sure there's the odd glitch, bum note and flaw, but the sum makes for an extremely entertaining celebration of showbiz.'
  9. 'But really, the album kicks off on such a bum note that it's hard to imagine how the Rapture plan to get things back on track.'
  10. 'Gee, I sure wouldn't want to be the intern responsible for that bum tip.'


A person's buttocks or anus.
  1. 'Why don't I get up off my lazy bum and be proactive, confess my undying love, or something!'
  2. 'Somehow in the process of laying back James kneed Jen in the bum and sent her rolling off the blanket and over onto the cold damp grass.'
  3. 'Look for octopuses, barracuda, cuttlefish, and bare bums.'
  4. 'You wander up the corridor looking for a coffee machine and women turn round and stare, saying ‘Hmmmm nice bum!’'
  5. 'It's jazzed up with a French name and claims to restore your figure to the dimensions of a teenage gymnast, but basically, it's bum cream.'
  6. 'The answer is that it is one thing to find bums for all those seats, quite another to sell the seats at profitable prices.'
  7. 'Go figure, maybe it makes their bums look small.'
  8. 'Now, moving on to this afternoon's topic - it'll be of particular interest to you ladies who always worry ‘does my bum look big in this?’'
  9. 'Although many hands go up for committee service, often for self-promotion, there are unfortunately a big number who sit on bums doing sweet nothing to promote the committee or the organisation.'
  10. '‘I'm a bit lazy and need a kick up the bum sometimes,’ he says.'


1. a person who avoids work and sponges on others; loafer; idler.

2. a tramp, hobo, or derelict.

3. Informal. an enthusiast of a specific sport or recreational activity, especially one who gives it priority over work, family life, etc.: a ski bum; a tennis bum.

4. Informal. an incompetent person.

5. a drunken orgy; debauch. verb (used with object), bummed, bumming.

6. Informal. to borrow without expectation of returning; get for nothing; cadge: He's always bumming cigarettes fr

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(bum)Late Middle English: of unknown origin.


bums on seats