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(of sparkling wine) unsweetened; very dry.
  1. 'The Cuvee Des Ambassadeurs, the wine of choice in the Elysee Palace, is a 50/50 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir champagne in a zesty and bright brut style.'
  2. 'Beyond that, Pinot Noir flavors were the key - in brut with turkey and in blanc de noirs with duck, pork, lamb, and beef.'
  3. 'Ayala produces a brut, demi-sec, rosé, vintage, blanc de blancs vintage and the prestige cuvee perle.'
  4. 'The bartender offered to let me try the second sparkler on the menu - the Domaine de la Fontainerie, brut, '01, Vouvray at $9.'
  5. 'But the beau Sire doesn't disappoint even the most cynical of palates - this violent fluid comes in both brut and demi-sec varieties.'
  6. 'She transformed the business into a major champagne house by identifying the market for a brut style of champagne, much less sweet than was the fashion.'


1. (of wine, especially champagne) very dry.

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"cups can be brut."

"events can be brut."

"wines can be brut."

"series can be brut."

"percents can be brut."

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French, literally ‘raw, rough’.