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A woman or girl with dark brown hair.
  1. 'Who typically has more hair: blondes, brunettes or redheads?'
  2. 'Maybe this dress just works best on brunettes with long curly hair!'
  3. 'They were are all short, gorgeous, had brown or hazel eyes, and all of them were brunettes.'
  4. 'The two girls, both brunettes, were wearing prom-like dresses, one in lilac and the other in powder blue, with matching flowers in their hair, which looked like at least an hours' worth of work.'
  5. 'I forgot that Austin has a thing for brunettes and redheads, but female Marines know how to handle themselves.'
  6. 'Yeah, you get these guys who make their minds up and only like blondes or brunettes.'
  7. 'Navy blue looks best of all, perhaps, worn by brown-eyed brunettes - which is one reason why the Italians and the French love it so much.'
  8. 'My hair wasn't the pretty hair that most brunettes had.'
  9. 'But, how can there be a line of hair products for brunettes?'
  10. 'I had met women of all shapes and sizes; blondes, brunettes and redheads, some bubbly, some serious, some supremely confident, others slightly hesitant.'


(of a woman or girl) having dark brown hair.
  1. 'The camera-shy singer was spotted on a romantic, late-night date with a mystery brunette woman in Manchester last night.'
  2. 'Yesterday, as she was strutting along the streets of Essex, the brunette beauty showed off her tiny waistline in a red peplum top.'
  3. 'Rose, who is naturally brunette, was considered a controversial show addition by some of the fans and media.'
  4. 'A few days later, his extremely able secretary was at her desk typing out reports when a very pretty brunette woman approached her.'
  5. 'Dressed in a low-cut black dress, the brunette beauty spent more than an hour signing autographs for the excited 500-strong crowd in Leicester Square.'
  6. 'her lustrous brunette tresses'
  7. 'Both ladies wore their brunette hair in similar styles, with their locks tied loosely to the side.'
  8. 'Rachel went for a timeless elegance in a strapless cream Michael Kors dress, with her brunette hair tied back into a chic updo.'
  9. 'With her brunette locks scraped off her face, she showcased her model curves in a orange one-shoulder maxi dress.'
  10. 'Earlier this week, the actress was mistaken for Irish singer Sinead O'Connor after lopping off her brunette bob.'
  11. 'She completed her look with a bright orange clutch bag and left her long brunette hair down.'


1. (of hair, eyes, skin, etc.) of a dark color or tone.

2. (of a person) having dark hair and, often, dark eyes and darkish or olive skin. noun

3. a person, especially a female, with such coloration.

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Mid 16th century: from French, feminine of brunet, diminutive of brun ‘brown’.