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A person's forehead.
  1. 'Making it into the lobby, he remembered wiping his brow repeatedly from the water seeping down his forehead.'
  2. 'The flour from the bacon and egg muffin had evidently rubbed off on my hands, and had been transferred to my forehead every time I wiped my brow.'
  3. 'Men wiped sweat from their brows and then raised their damp handkerchiefs in agreement or protest.'
  4. 'Nothing's longer than three minutes and they pause only to wipe sweat off their brows.'
  5. 'But as the spirit appeared, during my prayer, I felt surprised to notice its brow darkened and its forehead wrinkled.'
  6. 'Her hair was windblown about her face, and deep creases were on her forehead, where her brow was puckered with anger.'
  7. 'I wiped my brow, leaving a stripe of blood across my forehead.'
  8. 'While the rest of the room wiped their brows, one of the successful bidders slept soundly through the entire proceedings.'
  9. 'She stopped suddenly, her back still to Caleb and wiped her sweaty brow.'
  10. 'Her nose narrowed and took on an aquiline cast, while her forehead receded from her brow.'
  11. 'his brows lifted in surprise'
  12. 'Lisa's head snapped to the left as she took in his form with surprise before her brows furrowed in pain.'
  13. 'About to let loose a double rant, her brows shot up in surprise as he turned and pressed a finger to her lips to quiet her.'
  14. 'He had a strong forehead and heavy brows that made him look like he was brooding.'
  15. 'Chain lifted his brows at such a good deed as that.'
  16. 'But with a motorway across my forehead, brows to which the word furrowed does no justice and a whole flock of crow's feet around my eyes, I have nothing to lose.'
  17. 'Hayek is leafing through the book again, showing me how Kahlo chose to give herself a single eyebrow when in reality her brows, though dark and striking, were separate.'
  18. 'The hairs that had fallen over his brows revealed his tan forehead.'
  19. 'Her brows lifted in more light surprise then fell down back down in support.'
  20. 'Her brows furrowed together in surprise, before she carefully smoothed them out and assumed a blank expression.'
  21. 'No sooner had she wished it than his green-flecked gaze fell to her and the reddish brows raised on his forehead once more while one corner of his mouth crept upwards.'
The summit of a hill or pass.
  1. 'Indeed, as I approached the brow of the hill's eastern ridge the sun had also cleared the clouds and cast my shadow before me, an elongated shadow arched by no less than four rainbows.'
  2. 'As her breath returned, she stood again and walked slowly to the brow of the hill, staring out at the hazy valley.'
  3. 'Jack Womersley, a former Bradford councillor, saw the motorbike overtake two cars and disappear over the brow of a hill moments before the collision.'
  4. 'After passing over the brow of a small hill leave the track and bear diagonally right across a field along a path indicated by a waymarker, this leads to a wooden footbridge on the far side of the large Field.'
  5. '‘The bend is not severe but it's not possible to see it because of the brow of the hill,’ said TC Kirkbright.'
  6. 'Anticipation was hardly a word in Newrys mind as they forged on and went straight from the kick off Newry to charge over the brow of the hill and launched a assault on the Cookstown line.'
  7. 'I had this old habit of speeding along the old country roads late at night and dipping my headlights before going around corners or going over the brows of hills.'
  8. 'He overtook a coach full of schoolchildren on a blind bend on the brow of a hill and has never even apologised.'
  9. 'Soon, Karae shifted position a second time, moving to lie on her stomach, facing the valley over the brow of the hill.'
  10. 'As they creep over the blind brow of the hill, an articulated lorry comes thundering towards them and swerves out into the middle of the road as the driver spots the wary pedestrians.'


A gangway from a ship to the shore.
  1. 'When the brow was secured, RADM Yang strode to the shore to be greeted by RADM Smith and the Chinese dignitaries.'
  2. 'It was one of the largest crowds seen at any recent ship's departure and two brows were needed to get the large crowd on and off the warship.'

More definitions

1. Anatomy. the ridge over the eye.

2. the hair growing on that ridge; eyebrow.

3. the forehead: He wore his hat low over his brow.

4. a person's countenance or mien.

5. the edge of a steep place: She looked down over the brow of the hill.

6. gangplank.

More examples(as adjective)

"furrows can be brow."

"beatings can be brow."


Mid 19th century: probably from Norwegian bru, from Old Norse brú ‘bridge’.