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    Having been broken.
    1. 'Accidents may be inevitable in such a risk-taking environment, but the worst that has happened in three years is two broken arms and one broken leg.'
    2. 'Arming myself with some broken furniture I crept back downstairs.'
    3. 'The council has revealed potential health hazards, like broken rails and track wear and tear, have led to the closure.'
    4. 'Anne still had no money, no good job prospects, poor health, broken plumbing, and three scarred kids.'
    5. 'And he'd collapse in sobs as his broken leg and arm twitch in painful spasms from the sudden movement.'
    6. 'Left in a building, Isa crawled through a broken fan vent at 3 am and ran for help.'
    7. 'Last month's dispatches from the olive groves report internationals with broken ribs, broken arms and other injuries.'
    8. 'About 750 of its residents are homeless, and many are sick, some with broken bones.'
    9. 'He suffered two broken legs, two broken arms, a broken collarbone and head injuries in the accident which happened in Bullar Road, Bitterne.'
    10. 'There's no quick or easy way to clean up a broken bottle of maple syrup.'
    11. 'Jennifer Lopez has blamed her plethora of broken relationships on her fear of being alone.'
    12. 'She wanted to start re-establishing her broken relationship with her sister.'
    13. 'Also, Frank's broken relationship with Brenda leaves something to be desired in the way of resolution.'
    14. 'The last month had been hell for both of us with broken relationships to deal with on top of finals to complete.'
    15. 'Saying that you are sorry and meaning it is the first step to healing a broken relationship.'
    16. 'It is often not easy to mend a broken relationship in a women's group.'
    (of a person) having given up all hope; despairing.
    1. 'About an hour and a half later, I was a broken woman.'
    2. 'He died a broken man and was buried only a couple of miles away from his birthplace.'
    3. 'Mary was one of those broken people, a life thwarted from what it could be.'
    4. 'There is something more remarkable still, for the Lord has a response to these broken people.'
    5. 'A broken man, Sheriff flees into exile on an oil tanker and declares himself a refugee when the ship reaches international waters.'
    6. 'Tom Fitzpatrick, defending, said Turner was a broken man.'
    7. 'Yet the notion of Clinton as a broken man is one with which he will have no truck.'
    8. 'The accident has left her a broken woman and an inadequate mother to their young daughter, Ruthie.'
    9. 'But he then appeared quite a broken person as he was led away, didn't say any further words.'
    10. 'They were all looking at him, every one of the kids, as they saw what a broken person he had become.'
    Having breaks or gaps in continuity.
    1. 'The broken continuity can be explained in terms of Marxist value theory.'
    2. 'High above the building rooftop across the alley birds flew a broken black line in blue night sky.'
    3. 'Instead, he makes allusions to history and social realities through bold, broken lines.'
    4. 'Do you see the arrow points to a broken line, and adjacent to the broken line is the letter.'
    5. 'Fourteen dancers explored intricate movement and gestures, broken lines and dissected flows.'
    6. 'Because the weather is continuing in such a broken fashion, it will mean delays of up to five or six weeks for most farmers.'
    7. 'What is shown is a broken line whose starting and ending points are denoted by the same letter.'
    8. 'They have yellow eyes and facial disks that are mostly white, edged with broken black rings.'
    9. 'I felt I was there for a reason: to finally connect two ends of a long broken line.'
    10. 'If the area is bordered by a broken white line, you should not enter the area unless it is necessary and you can see that it is safe to do so.'
    11. 'a young man talking in broken Italian'
    12. 'He spoke in broken English and claimed to be Italian.'
    13. 'In fact it might even pay to speak broken English, perhaps with a Norwegian accent, when striding around ex-British colonies.'
    14. 'Now it has emerged he speaks only broken English and needed an interpreter to sit with him at his first full council meeting.'
    15. 'I can't speak French so I started yelling back at him in broken German.'
    16. 'Mike started to speak, but only broken sentences and grunts came out.'
    17. 'When you picked up the phone in some of the command units you didn't get a dial tone but a male voice speaking in broken Arabic.'
    18. 'As I replied to a question in broken French, the people around me instantly became aware of my language barrier.'
    19. 'I grabbed a taxi and spoke in my broken Korean for The White Swan Hotel.'
    20. 'Han prefers to employ Asian males who can speak broken English.'
    21. 'The Press of Atlantic City interviewed Kuras, who spoke in confused, broken English.'
    Having an uneven and rough surface.
    1. 'Three hours later, we finally shake the sand off our boots onto the broken, rocky surface of Ice Valley.'
    2. 'When the eggs are ready, the female deposits each egg in turn on the sea bed, generally in areas of broken ground, where the eggs can be anchored to rocks.'
    3. 'The impact of each bolt tore deep wounds in the broken ground, sending the survivors reeling backward.'
    4. 'Of course patches of gravel might not be bars they may be just broken ground with the same depth as surrounding water, still good features though.'
    5. 'Comfort for passengers was good at all times, even on the most broken surfaces, though the ride often feels quite firm.'
    6. 'Although you can hear bangs as the car rides over the broken surfaces, comfort levels for occupants remain very good.'
    7. 'Its suspension easily absorbed broken street surfaces and the precise steering made it easy to place in traffic.'
    8. 'Yet its weight and density provided my only hope of getting near the broken ground and the bass.'
    9. 'It sounded like the ground was pursing it's lips as diggers shuffled their boots on the broken ground underfoot.'
    10. 'The suspension copes well with our broken streets and bumpy corners hold no fears for it.'


    1. past participle of break. adjective

    2. reduced to fragments; fragmented.

    3. ruptured; torn; fractured.

    4. not functioning properly; out of working order.

    5. Meteorology. (of sky cover) being more than half, but not totally, covered by clouds.Compare scattered (def 4).

    6. changing direction abruptly: The fox ran in a broken line.

    7. fragmentary or incomplete: a broken ton of coal weighing 1,500 pounds.

    8. infringed or violated: A broken promise is a betrayal of t

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    "chances can be broken during matches."

    "recentlies can be broken out of people."

    "recentlies can be broken out of levels."

    "people can be broken in spirits."

    "people can be broken by ridges."

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