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A two-masted square-rigged ship, typically having an additional lower fore-and-aft sail on the gaff and a boom to the mainmast.
  1. 'One tremendously successful ship design was the two-masted brig of war.'
  2. '‘A brig has sailed from here,’ says a letter from Ibiza.'
  3. 'All day and night the good brig Quedagh Merchant bobbed and weaved through the winter's stormy blast.'
  4. 'Several men boarded the brig Geddes, at anchor in the Chester River.'
  5. 'The final fifteen men survived for another five days until their rescue by the Argus brig, a ship in the Medusa convoy.'
  6. 'The local fishing caravels and brigs appeared small and insignificant, overshadowed by the tall ships.'
  7. 'Drastic measures were clearly needed to prevent these disasters and two small brigs were made ready.'
  8. 'The line to be captured totaled almost 40 kilometers in length, which was in excess of the combat capabilities of two brigs.'
  9. 'Back they went to Sydney to find another ship, this time on the brig Elizabeth.'
A prison, especially on a warship.
  1. 'A security team lead the prisoners off to the brig.'
  2. 'Then you'll find yourselves in the brig awaiting trial, young man.'
  3. 'And YOU need to remember, Nelal, you are a civilian, and I can have you thrown in the brig for such conduct.'
  4. 'Didn't I leave you and yer friends in the brig.'
  5. 'After being left in the brig for a few days the captain finally came to retrieve her.'
  6. 'I've seen my fair share of brigs and prisons and I've seen them on both sides of the wall.'
  7. 'Anyone caught dilly dallying will be sent to the brig without question!'
  8. 'Instead, he simply said, ‘You enjoyed your stay in the brig?’'
  9. 'I'm pretty sure they could sell that information for something juicy in the brig.'
  10. 'Back talk again, and you will be clamped in irons and thrown in the brig until we get to the next port.'


A bridge.

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    1. Nautical. a two-masted vessel square-rigged on both masts. (formerly, in the U.S. Navy) an armed brig-rigged or brigantine-rigged vessel. the compartment of a ship where prisoners are confined.

    2. a place of confinement or detention, especially in the U.S. Navy or Marines; guardhouse.

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    "funds can be brig."


    From Old Norse bryggja.